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Handpicked VR Links - Issue #7

Were you one of the lucky ones who got their Oculus Rift CV1 this week? Did anyone who wasn't press g

VR Links

April 1 · Issue #7 · View online
Handpicked links about virtual reality, curated by Peter Rojas.

Were you one of the lucky ones who got their Oculus Rift CV1 this week? Did anyone who wasn’t press get one? I sure didn’t, mine isn’t set to ship until sometime later in April. I did spend this past weekend building a gaming PC worthy of VR (which mainly meant springing for a GFX 980 Ti). Managed to get it working, though not without some hiccups (one of which continues to persist). 
Anyway, in this week’s roundup we have tons of reviews and other stuff about the Rift, plus a handful of other links I found interesting.
As always, please get in touch if you’re working on something in VR or have a link you think I should include in next week’s edition. Also, if you like my newsletter would you mind sharing it?

Oculus Rift CV1: The reviews are in
Oculus Rift Review: VR’s Rising Star Isn’t Ready for the Mainstream
Oculus Rift Review: A Clunky Portal to a Promising Virtual Reality - The New York Times
Oculus Rift Review: Prologue to a New Reality
Review: The Oculus Rift
Oculus Rift review: High-end VR is here -- if you can pay
Even more on the Rift
Oculus Rift CV1 Teardown - iFixit
Oculus founder Palmer Luckey hand-delivers first Rift VR headset to customer
The Inside Story of How Oculus Cracked the Impossible Design of VR
Why the Oculus Rift won’t go the way of Google Glass
Oculus Rift is Capable of "Room Scale" with a Single Camera, it's Just Not Optimized for it
5 hard questions facing Oculus Rift
Other great links from this week
I kind of don't see the point of this.
Video: We Rode Magic Mountain's Virtual Reality Coaster: LAist
Why You Should Try That Crazy Virtual Reality Headset
Google's VR views bring 360-degree content to web, mobile apps
This Has To Happen Before Virtual Reality Can Succeed
Mayo Clinic Technology Said To Alleviate Nausea From VR
This was inevitable.
Steam Workshop :: Star Trek Holodeck Grid
StubHub app uses VR to show how good (or bad) your seats are
NCAA to Present Final Four Semifinals and National Championship in Virtual Reality for First Time
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