Handpicked VR Links - Issue #13

Hey, thanks for checking out this week's edition of Handpicked VR Links! I made sure to capture a ton

VR Links

May 20 · Issue #13 · View online
Handpicked links about virtual reality, curated by Peter Rojas.

Hey, thanks for checking out this week’s edition of Handpicked VR Links! I made sure to capture a ton of amazing 360 videos and photos while I was on vacation in Alaska last week. It’s kind of crazy to be able to go back and re-experience my trip that way. I wrote a few months ago that I wish I’d been able to capture every trip I’ve ever taken this way, now I always take my Ricoh Theta S with me when I travel. 
As always, please get in touch if you’re working on something in VR or have a link you think I should include in next week’s edition. Also, if you like my newsletter would you mind sharing it?
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P.S. - Any suggestions for great multiplayer games for the Vive? 

VR Randomness
Not ridiculous
Samsung Built a Mini Theme Park With VR Bungee Jumping
I still prefer poking someone with a stick.
Vive 'Knock Knock' Feature Alerts You To The Outside World
Google's Daydream
Google VR - Daydream
Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung get ready for Google Daydream
Google will compete with its partners and sell its own Daydream virtual reality headsets
VR Gaming...
...and Non-gaming VR
Rhapsody VR app
360-degree photos are coming to Facebook's News Feed
Your New Home: Ready to See Now, via Virtual Reality
VR Hardware
Vuze Virtual Reality Camera Debuts at $799
Virtual reality brings new life ... to desktops?
VR Media
England's Euro 2016 matches to be filmed in virtual reality as UEFA tests 'fully immersive' technology
National Geographic Launches a VR Studio
The Business of VR
Data Suggests HTC Vive Install Base Is Around 50,000 Headsets
Facebook program trains high schoolers to make VR
VR & Storytelling
Vrse CEO Chris Milk talks VR storytelling and the road to virtual reality’s Citizen Kane
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