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Virtual & Augmented Reality

We provide you with a list of handpicked stories, best practices, startup showcases and fresh tools to build the metaverse and the next version of the web using XR!

Hello there! 🖐️
Following up on the great work done so far by curator Luis Martins is both a great inspiration and a responsibility. Luckily, I’m in very good company with always supportive Anesio Neto. I can’t be more excited to join you all and the next newsletter issues, let’s start! 🚀
Immersive learning looks like a growing opportunity for students and teachers around the world, let’s check what’s going on in Hong Kong and its first metaverse school. Meanwhile, in South Korea businesses are testing virtual office spaces to reduce costs and their carbon footprint. What about dating in the metaverse? Maybe it’s too early, considering Tinder’s move.
SIGGRAPH 2022 is approaching and Meta is expected to share its latest research efforts. You’ll also find the first leaked images of Pico 4 controllers, while Xiaomi unveils new affordable consumer smart glasses.
We’re also happy to share an amazing use case of virtual reality, successfully applied for improving surgical planning and separating twins who were critically joined at the skull.
Funding rounds for XR startups, news about hardware for XR, events, podcasts, and much more in this week!
Welcome back, dear readers! 😎
Valentino Megale

Hong Kong University To Build World's 1st Metaverse School
Meta to reveal its next-gen VR research at Siggraph
Tinder steps back from metaverse dating plans as business falters
Pfizer Will Use Virtual Reality to Help Build its Innovative New Sterile Injectables Plant
South Korean companies move to greener and affordable metaverse office spaces
Report: Pico 4 Controllers Appear in Leaked Images, Revealing New Ergonomic Design
Quest v43 Update May Include Long-awaited 16:9 Recording Mode
Metaverse Company Condense Raises $4.5 Million to Accelerate VR Streaming Adoption
The VR Awards Announce 2022 Finalists
Future Sight AR Secures $1.5M in Air Force Contracts
Xiaomi Unveils Consumer Smart Glasses with 50 MP Camera & Micro OLED Display
XRAI Glass: Revolutionary New Glasses Allow Deaf People and People Who Have Hearing Loss to ‘See’ Conversations
Virtual reality tech helps separate conjoined twins in Brazil
Understanding the Decodability of Scene Prediction Using Virtual Reality
VR tech study aims to help children during painful medical procedures
Planetary Debris Disks Discovered with Citizen Scientists and Virtual Reality
Biden administration's Big Tech fight spreads to metaverse battleground
Cyber Security and the Metaverse: Patrolling the New Digital World
The Premier Conference & Exhibition on Computer Graphics & Interactive Techniques
Virtual Land Speculation & the Experiential Gap of Crypto-Based Metaverse Neighborhoods | Voices of VR Podcast
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