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Virtual & Augmented Reality

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Hello there 🖐🏼,
Welcome to yet another set of articles that will keep you up to date with the immersive market. One of the most interesting news of the week is perhaps the fact that Meta has opened its first physical store. A physical store? Yes, a physical store!
About the metaverse, we bring an article that shows the best examples of brand behavior in this new media or space and how Generation Z identifies itself in this new universe.
About immersive technologies, you can read a little more about how the traditional Coachella festival made use of immersive technologies to enrich the festival experience, investments in immersive startups, news about Virtual Reality headsets and a survey of the best headsets of 2022.
In addition to the expected news about events, podcasts, the personality of the week and much more content for you!
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Introducing Meta Store: A Hands-On Experience With Our Hardware
The Coachellaverse Is A Multi-Sensory AR Music Experience
Razorfish Study Finds 52% of Gen Z Gamers Feel More Like Themselves in the Metaverse than in Real Life
Bring Your VR Avatar Into The Real World Using AR Tech
Samsung Invests In $25M Funding Round Of Metaverse Firm DoubleMe
Epic Games Invests in M-XR
Gravity Sketch draws $33M for a platform to design, collaborate on and produce 3D objects
Maker of the Taser Acquires VR Studio to Bolster VR Police Training
Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed that Project Cambria, the upcoming augmented reality glasses from META, will focus on work use cases!
Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed that Project Cambria, the upcoming augmented reality glasses from META, will focus on work use cases!
Snap’s AR vision is about Spectacles—and a whole lot more
Chinese start-up Nreal is launching its augmented reality glasses in the UK this spring
Canon Announces MREAL X1 Enterprise Headset with Larger FOV
Best VR headset in 2022
Can Virtual Reality Help Ease Chronic Pain? - The New York Times
Children likely to spend 10 years of their lives in VR metaverse, study suggests
Open Source Tool Makes Oculus Link Load Directly To SteamVR
Charlie Fink | Consultant, Writer, Speaker, Futurist
Beyond AR vs. VR: What is the Difference between AR vs. MR vs. VR vs. XR?
AIXR Insights Live | What Does the Metaverse Mean for your Business?
VR Awards AMA Series: VR Game of the Year - Resolution Games
Digital Business Congress - The Way Forward | 11th – 12th May
This Week in XR Podcast
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