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Virtual & Augmented Reality - Global Issue # 21

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Virtual & Augmented Reality

We provide you with a list of handpicked stories, best practices, startup showcases and fresh tools to build the metaverse and the next version of the web using XR!

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Another week another digest. A lot of content curated and waiting for you below. I mean a lot!!! Hope you enjoy it.

Use of Virtual Reality Environments to Improve HR Processes
Immersive Journalism - How AR and VR Will Make Spatial Journalism the Future of Reporting
Taiwanese Film Industry Ushers in VR-Led New Wave
How VR technology can be used to tackle knife crime
New remote tech support solution using live AR overlays
What makes AR special?
Council Post: How Augmented And Virtual Reality Are Shaping A Variety Of Industries
Navigating the new normal with augmented reality | Thoughtworks
What Big Tech Companies Investing In AR Means For Your Business
Down The Rabbit Hole Of Extended Reality – XR Studios Is Where Live Performance Enters The Metaverse
WebXR Business Summit | WebXR Awards and Summit Series - Honoring and Inspiring the Pioneers of WebXR
I Want My Daughter to Live in a Better Metaverse | WIRED
Huobi Ventures, Chainsmokers back new $25 million fund investing in the metaverse
Why the 'metaverse' will prove to be more than a buzzword
The fashion exec’s guide to the metaverse | Vogue Business
Looking into the future of a legal metaverse?
Marketing in the Metaverse: the Future of SEO, Social Media, and PR
The Future of Communication in the Metaverse
HTC-Vive To Unveil Beatday Virtual Concert Metaverse
What's a virtual office? 3 reasons the metaverse could solve the reopening challenge
Could the “metaverse” be the next big investment theme?
Measuring the 'reality' in virtual reality
Virtual Reality in the Dark: VR Development for People Who Are Blind - Aaron Gluck
IOSI News Listings – Internet of Senses Institute
Can't wait for the Apple VR headset? There's just one catch
Best VR headset 2021: which virtual reality system should you buy?
'Shariiing VR' Adds an Incredibly Useful Tool to SteamVR That We'd Love to See in All Headsets
Rokid launches Indiegogo campaign for its ‘Rokid Air’ tethered Augmented Reality glasses for multimedia viewing
SlimeVR Full-Body Tracker | Crowd Supply
What's the Outlook for AR Glasses?
Tech in the movies: the potential impact of cinema’s most famous mobile phones on real-life sales
3rockAR Announces the World's First AR-Enabled DOOH Network
Four Undeniable Benefits of 3D Rendering Services
TikTok overtakes YouTube for average watch time in US and UK - BBC News
Unboxing XR Dev Careers: From Game to VR/AR Enterprise App Developer Tickets, Thu, Sep 9, 2021 at 7:00 PM
WebXR Business Summit Tickets, Tue, Sep 14, 2021 at 11:00 AM
Welcome to the Driving Simulation Conference Europe 2021 VR website!
Embrace Festival
Headworn AR Global Revenue Forecast, 2020-2025 - ARtillery Intelligence
What Drives Research And Future Of Virtual, Augmented, And eXtended Reality - Also, What’s The Difference? | Redefining Technology With Regis Kopper
ARtillery Briefs, Episode 54: Headworn AR Revenue Outlook
ARtillery Briefs, Episode 54: Headworn AR Revenue Outlook
AWE's AR Cloud Challenge Workshop with Holo-Light
AWE's AR Cloud Challenge Workshop with Holo-Light
The Ghost Pacer, A Competitive AR Running Partner To Reach Your Workout Goal!
The Ghost Pacer, A Competitive AR Running Partner To Reach Your Workout Goal!
VR Exhibit Answers Question: What If Mona Lisa Was A Cat?
Feeling the VR Arcade Fever in Viva Las Vengeance
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