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Virtual & Augmented Reality - Global Issue # 20

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Virtual & Augmented Reality

We provide you with a list of handpicked stories, best practices, startup showcases and fresh tools to build the Metaverse and the next version of the web!

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Welcome to September, and find below some highlights that one can´t miss from our AR, VR, XR world.

27 VR Apps for Remote Work, Education, Training, Design Review, and More
Five Highlights from the 2021 Venice VR Expanded Competition
TikTok's Parent Company Just Entered The VR Race
'Mondly VR' Language Learning App Now On Oculus Quest
Voices of VR Podcast's 1,000th Episode Looks Back on Seven Years of the VR Industry
Say his name: how horror movie Candyman is using voice-activated AR to engage audiences | The Drum
Lenovo and RealWear Join Forces to Bring Assisted Reality Solutions to Enterprise Customers
Alethea AI raises $16M in private token sale for intelligent NFTs for the metaverse | VentureBeat
Become an FT subscriber to read: We should be careful which metaverse we choose to live in
Why Your Future Interview Or Job May Be In The Metaverse
MetaMask Marks 10M Active Users With Metaverse Party | Crypto Briefing
The Architects of the Metaverse Need to Read the Virtual Room | WIRED
Spatial Audio Update in Clubhouse Is Another Piece of the AR Virtual Meetings Puzzle Coming Together, Here's How « Next Reality
This Is How the Augmented Reality World of the Metaverse Could Be Opened to the Visually Impaired « Next Reality
Ashirase, a Honda incubation, reveals advanced walking assistance system for visually impaired
Haptics Round-up for August 2021 - by Ashley Huffman - All Things Haptics
Apple’s AR glasses could be Tim Cook’s last major product launch
The manual for Facebook’s Project Aria AR glasses shows what it’s like to wear them - The Verge
Reality Might Be a Simulation, Scientists Think It's Possible to Find out for Sure
Holding Virtual Reality with HOMEMADE Haptic Gloves
Holding Virtual Reality with HOMEMADE Haptic Gloves
GeoPose & The Future of Location-Based Augmented Reality
GeoPose & The Future of Location-Based Augmented Reality
Privacy in VR - What can find out of users of virtual reality.
Privacy in VR - What can find out of users of virtual reality.
Late nights, high scores, and blanket forts: the challenges of testing music and fitness games - The Verge
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