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Virtual & Augmented Reality - Global Issue # 15

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Virtual & Augmented Reality

We provide you with a list of handpicked stories, best practices, startup showcases and fresh tools to build the Metaverse and the next version of the web!

Hi there,
Who is on Olympics mood? Some interesting news about TOKYO 2020 but as well a lot of “Golden” news and “Champions” content curated bellow.
Check it all now.

How VR could make you smarter
Jurors could use VR to visit crime scenes, and help them reach a verdict
Virtual Reality Is the Rich White Kid of Technology | WIRED
Tokyo 2020: Virtual reality and augmented reality bringing spectators closer to the action | Euronews
Immersive Tech Brings The Tokyo Olympics To Life At Home - VRScout
AR Experience Introduces Three New Olympic Sports - VRScout
Facebook’s XR Roadmap. The next 10 years of XR | by Avi Bar-Zeev | Jun, 2021 | Medium
Facebook Creates New Internal Organization to Build “the Metaverse” – Road to VR
Israeli Study Offers Hope Of ‘Rewiring’ Nerves To Restore Lost Sense Of Touch
Tactile Internet being developed at the University of Sydney
Bill Schmick | The Retired Investor: What’s that smell? | Columnists |
Finger wrap could one day let you power up wearables while you sleep | Ars Technica
Softbank Leads $200M Investment Into Printable Battery-Free IoT Startup Wiliot
Whitney Houston Hologram Concert to Come to Las Vegas in October - Variety
Sketchfab Community Blog - » Sketchfab is Joining the Epic Games Family
USC SMART-VR Talk on "VR & Sensory Input"
TonyVT SkarredGhost
I interviewed the organizers of the Virtual Burning Man! Are you interested in this amazing event happening this year?

#VirtualReality #VR #Burningman2021 #tech
Ori Inbar | Spatial Agent
INMO Announces the Launch of Truly Wireless Lightweight AR Smart Glasses on Indiegogo
3D visual artist & DJ, Celeste Lear — VR/AR Association - The VRARA
Future Tech: Where is Virtual Reality Headed?
Future Tech: Where is Virtual Reality Headed?
Exploring the Virtual Reality Therapeutics (VRx) Pathway
Exploring the Virtual Reality Therapeutics (VRx) Pathway
Virtual Reality and Haptics - Sensing and Vision Cluster
Virtual Reality and Haptics - Sensing and Vision Cluster
Augmented Reality: A Failed Promise
Augmented Reality: A Failed Promise
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