Vote Counts

By Jason Wojciechowski

Voting Discrimination by Age Allowed in Texas



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Vote Counts
Voting Discrimination by Age Allowed in Texas
By Jason Wojciechowski • Issue #1 • View online
The same dance happens every four years as Democrats try to expand the electorate and make voting easier and Republicans try to curtail ballot access and suggest fraud. COVID-19 has increased the stakes in 2020.
Texas allows voters 65 and older to vote-by-mail with no excuse needed. Voters younger than 65 must prove they are unable to vote in-person to qualify. The Democrats said this violates 26th Amendment, which protects voters from age-based discrimination. Generally, younger voters support Democrats and older voters cast ballots for the GOP.
Republicans fought back with the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals agreeing that “adding a benefit” is not the same as abridging access to the vote. This dangerous precedent could mean states could add all kinds of benefits for certain classes of voters — even by race. The Democrats correctly questioned: could a law stand that automatically sent ballots in the mail to all white voters — that’s adding a benefit, but not infringing on other voters’ options? The case will eventually end up in the U.S. Supreme Court, but not before November’s election.
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