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Inside #3 - User interviews 🔭

Voltz Technology
Inside #3 - User interviews 🔭
By Voltz Technology • Issue #3 • View online
The importance of user interviews after building a Strategy House to validate the Product Vision.

First things first, we wanna tell you how much fun we are having showing Inside Voltz, this is a truly unique environment where we are transforming mobility in Brazil and aim to do the whole world, what we really want to achieve in this newsletter is to show everyone that we are doing this, not by some miracle framework or some over the top idea, but by implementing the product mindset and sticking with it, thank you for all the subscribers for letting us share this story!
We hope you all read the first post of this Strategy House series. We already uncovered the 3 big steps on designing the strategy house, told about designing the hypothesis of the user journey and now we organize our user interviews.
Users interviews
Ok now that we have our hypothesis on what is the user journey, we will now interview our users to (in)validate it! Notice that the mentality here is to invalidate what we just built, it would be really surprising and unrealistic if we just got everything, so in the interview we expect 3 things to come up:
  1. What we thought it was bad, it’s not that bad to the user.
  2. What we thought was good, could be a problem to the user.
  3. The user just do everything different (this happens a lot).
I know what you are all thinking, “ok ok, let’s start talking with user as soon as possible please!” now hold it, I know we all want to face the user and uncover information as soon as possible, but rushing this have a high potential of bring a lot of bad data, and we all know the saying about data, “if it enters trash, it exits trash” remember, incorrect data can do more harm than no data at all.
So to prevent this, let’s talk about the interview structure.
Interview structure
The interview structure is just 5 steps of planning that you should do before starting interviewing, think of it as a small step back before some huge leap forward, here you will make sure you know:
It should come directly from the user journey dynamic that you did previously! See how everything is connected? Wink, wink… 😉
Main question
This is not necessarily a direct question for the user, but an internal question of, what do you want to learn?
Questions we want to answer
Direct question we want answer for, remember not necessarily you would ask those directly, did you read our first newsletter recommendation “the mom test”? We can not recommend it enough, you should read it!
For each question above, you should have an hypothesis, after all, why you want to question then, right?
User sample
Don’t overdo this, I have already been there, calculating the dispersion of population and focusing on having the exact proportion of interviews looking out if every cluster is correctly represented, it can take a lot of time, that you could be expending actually talking with users, this should be viewed as a small time window where you analyze what kind of users you want to talk about
Once again all those 5 steps should not be anything fancy, you will just use this structure to guide you through the interview, keep checking from time to time if you asked everything you needed, and after interviews do a retrospective and see if those questions are really bringing what you want.
Here is how ours turned out
After the customer journey dynamic (see our previous newsletter), the main hypothesis was that there were many informations that were not clear to the user and some that they just searched outside our site, breaking all the experience that we built.
Our user interviews
Understand if the user has and easy access to all necessary information before doing the purchase.
Main Question
What info does the user need to add an item to the shopping cart so he completes the purchase with minimum friction?
Questions we want to answer
  1. What is the usual information that the user search?
  2. Is the user used to high price purchase in the internet?
  3. Who are our competition?
  4. Whose competition users compare our product? what they compare?
  5. Do they have an example of a great purchase experience they did online?
  1. User searches basic things about our bike on other sites.
  2. User compares our motorcycles with normal combustion motorcycle.
  3. User does not understand the advantages of an electric vehicle.
  4. User doesn’t have full visibility of the price between different payments methods.
User sample
Users that went through the shopping funnel being:
  • 5 users that completed the purchase
  • 5 users that canceled the purchase
  • 5 users that abandoned cart
Time to do the interviews and register our interview snapshots, more on that in future newsletter! Stick with us to take a look Inside Voltz!
Here at Voltz we believe in working hard and having fun :)
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