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Inside #2 - Product Strategy House

Voltz Technology
Inside #2 - Product Strategy House
By Voltz Technology • Issue #2 • View online
How are we building our strategy collaboratively, understanding continuous discovery, simplifying engineering strategy with modular monoliths and much more.

As we are growing our company, it becomes harder and harder to make good decisions. Should we focus on attracting more users or making a better checkout? Are the sales team demands that urgent? Should we make the tool they say they desperately need or we should improve a screen that our user is currently confused about?
The best way to make good decisions now, is to have a clear picture of where we want to be in the future.
That being said, we believe that creating this picture of the future is not trivial, and it should not be done by the product team sitting in a dark (meets) room by themselves deciding it.
So, as we currently experimenting, we have 3 big steps to overcome:
  1. Creating the “Proto” product vision.
  2. Sharing and gathering inputs with other teams (and why not, users as well?).
  3. Making the message clear to the whole company.
We just did the first step, and we are starting the second one. Subscribe to know the whole history as we experience it 😉.
For the first step the “Proto” Product Vision we wanted to make sure that it is not a huge document that someone would have to read through, so we decided that it had to be one simple image with few texts that describe:
  • Where we want to be in the future.
  • What are we doing to get there.
  • What Key Outcomes are we focusing on.
  • What are the current hypothesis for us to get there.
And we came to this design:
The Strategy House
The Strategy House
The Process. Creating the “Proto” Product Vision
As we all know, we don’t create a product for the sake of creating a product, we create a product to solve a user problem (We will not go further explaining the importance of having the user needs in focus ok? We have faith in you subscriber :) ) but the point is, that it makes sense to talk with the user you want to solve the problem, before trying to estimate the product future. And how do we do this?
Pre-Work. Customer Journey
We have a specific Customer Journey team inside Voltz, and as we started we were eager to talk with users! The problem? Where do we start? What do we want to ask?
Good news :) we have a lot of knowledge inside our own company, and we joined with the people that are already in contact with the customer, sales , after sales and marketing team to create the Hypothesis of the Customer Journey with Bodine & Co. methodology!
Hey if you don’t know about Kerry Bodine we cannot recommend enough her book Outside in.
We focused in Miro to co-create the customer journey map as “a diagram that visualize, the actions thoughts and feelings, of a person or group over time”.
Kerry Bodine (Bodine & Co.) example of customer journey mapping
Kerry Bodine (Bodine & Co.) example of customer journey mapping
During this 4 hour workshop we aligned a lot of knowledge between areas, sales team said a lot of questions that they always heard from users, after sales team brought data on users complains, marketing team told us about their experience in talking with users, and after all this we manage to built a hypothetical Customer Journey (remember, who says how the journey is, is the user, not us) and now we have a first picture of what the user do, what they feels and what we think they need. Time to call them!
Our next newsletter we are going to talk about what went right, and what went wrong with those calls! Also how this impacted the strategy house! Want to see how this evolved? Subscribe!
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