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Inside #1 - Hello World 🛵

Voltz Technology
Inside #1 - Hello World 🛵
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A new beginning, fixing hiring interviews, revisiting product vision, improving error handling and a new brand official Spotify playlist.

A new beginning 🚀
It’s been two months since Creditas invested in Voltz and now we have a new mission: become a Technology company. A company that uses technology as leverage to scale aggressively. And we want to start sharing with you how we do that. How we grow our team, how we shape our culture, our product vision, our engineering practices and how we overcome difficult situations. We want to do this in the most honest way. Of course there are some things we can’t share to the outside world but we’ll try our best to give you a real feeling of what’s going on inside.
What is Technology at Voltz? It’s Product, Design, Engineering and Data. We are people with different skills who solve hard problems together. We’re product minded and business driven. We seek operational excellence by creating a culture of learning through fast feedback loops focused on outcomes, simplicity, quality and continuous improvement.
Hiring interviews 🦄
We’ve done a lot of these because we’ve grown from 4 to 10 people in the past two months. We’re working hard to ensure we’re creating a team full of amazing people. We know tech is broken. And hiring interviews are more broken than ever. But we think we can do it better.
David Stănete 🛵🔋
I'm doing a hiring training for our Software Engineers at @VoltzMotorsTech. Because hiring is not about processes but about amazing people who can find other amazing people to work with. If this works I'm planning to open the training to everyone.
Hiring interviews are the ultimate mindfulness exercise. A full hour where you have to be 100% present. At Voltz Technology we understand that hiring is not about processes but about amazing people who can find other amazing people to work with. That’s why we started a training for some of our ninjas 🥷 on how to find these amazing people. You can read this article of an early vision that our CTO had a few years ago. As with anything, we are treating this as a hypothesis solution to a problem. If this training is successful and brings results we may open it to all of you.
Knowing how to obtain the truth in a short amount of time is important. And not only in hiring interviews, but also in interviews with customers, plannings, retrospectives, refinements, workshops, leadership meetings, etc.
The Mom Test
Product Vision 🔭
Our company vision is to redefine the mobility ecosystem to enable different models for transportation, insurance, credit, security & sustainability.
Our company mission is to create a smart mobility ecosystem through smart electric vehicles and smart shared energy sources to achieve safe environments resulting in affordable prices, no pollution, lower finance interests and cheaper products with no maintenance.
But this past week we realized, again, how necessary is to have a clear product vision that guides the Technology teams. Without this North Star it is virtually impossible for the teams to be autonomous. Ownership without a clear direction is useless.
We understand the company vision and mission. But the product vision needs to be clear as well and it needs to be expressed in the context of each team. So we are revisiting product vision for a few days. In each team we’re responsible for crafting the product vision with our own words. We take into account business needs, stakeholders’ expertise, customers’ feedback and hardware constraints. Finally we validate with our CTO. We’ll keep you updated on how this new team self crafterd product vision approach impacts our strategy and tactics.
Ants & Aliens: Long-Term Product Vision & Strategy
How to write and communicate an effective product vision
Engineering 🛠
Spinning up a new service isn’t as trivial as it seems. What language do we use? What framework? What architecture should we follow if any? What testing frameworks? What name do we give to the service? How do we handle errors?
So yeah. We do have some Ruby on Rails legacy code. But we’re starting to use Koltin with some functional sprinkles here and there.
One more thing 😏
Remote is hard. Building a culture together is fundamental. Memes are important as well. So to celebrate we’re now 10 people in the team, we created an official Spotify playlist. Yeah.
Official playlist on Spotify 🎶
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