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Why we have emotional connection to robots 💖 - Issue #25

At the end of the day today or tomorrow morning episode 6 of This Week in Voice will be released. I w
Why we have emotional connection to robots 💖 - Issue #25
By Mari from VoiceFirst Weekly • Issue #25 • View online
At the end of the day today or tomorrow morning episode 6 of This Week in Voice will be released. I was a guest along with Dustin Coates and Kane Simmons from It was an amazing experience, tune in for the polemical exchange we had.  
This week we have a couple of stories that when you see them your pupils expand: I can’t wait to read this and share it. Yes, I get excited to share stories.
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The ultimate resource in voice technology.
The ultimate resource in voice technology.
Voice Assistants are wasted inside phones
Opinion article by PC Magazine that’s worth checking out. The premise: Smartphones and smart speakers are limited when it comes to unlocking the full potential of voice interfaces. The future of digital assistants is in augmented and virtual reality.
I would love to hear your thoughts on this one on Twitter @voicefirstlabs. According to the article voice technology makes sense in a hands-free environment and phones or computers are set for a hands-free environment. It concludes with the author disagreement with digital assistants must have human behavior. The question becomes then: will it matter? Keep reading for more on ethics of digital assistants in the next link.
Why we have an emotional connection to robots
Kate Darling, a robot ethicist - a profession that I hear for the first time, but find really interesting - presented this interesting TED Talk, it’s 11 min of your time, totally worth it. I really liked her saying: We’re far from developing robots that feel emotions, but we already have feelings towards them. As we develop more technology that deal with our emotions, or eventually that have their own emotions, ethics will become increasingly important and discussed. Start with this talk and then continue to the Reading List tab for more information. For entertainment or enlightenment, read the comments.
Voice Action Services is an EU compliant alternative to Google Assistant
Google has released a new voice assistant app called Voice Action Services in order to comply with new European regulations. The app will not require Chrome and Google Search to work, giving devices that come without these apps preinstalled limited voice assistant functionality.
Hotels Are Discovering Back-of-House Uses for Voice Technology
Voice technology, especially smart assistants like Alexa are making their way into hotels not only in guests rooms or front desk but also in back-office operations.
“We’re seeing team members be really creative in identifying solutions and uses of Alexa to make their jobs easier,” added Andrew Arthurs, chief information officer for Two Roads Hospitality. “Like using Alexa in room to send a message that there’s a maintenance request for the room,” he added.
Why Shortcuts Matter for Accessibility
In an accessibility context, shortcuts can be lifesavers in terms of reducing cognitive load, excessive swiping and tapping, and other common points of friction often met by disabled users.
Alexa, play Baby Shark
Can smart assistants help kids with their language? I don’t know, that’s what came to my mind when I saw this video. Cute and funny, if you don’t open anything else in this issue, open this one.
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Quote of the week
The perfect environments for a voice assistant are settings where users want to perform a variety of tasks while keeping their attention on their surroundings, like augmented and virtual reality applications.
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