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Welcome to VoiceFirst 1.0 - Issue #15

We are very excited to announce that our daily briefing podcast is now part of the voice technology p
Welcome to VoiceFirst 1.0 - Issue #15
By Mari from VoiceFirst Weekly • Issue #15 • View online
We are very excited to announce that our daily briefing podcast is now part of the voice technology podcast network As part of the Voice of healthcare Summit wrap up, there is a remarkable well written summary report of the conference.
This has been a week full of announcements from the bigger players in the smart speakers market. Samsung, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana and Baidu DuerOS all had their share in the news. 
We are in the first wave of voice applications. We are in VoiceFirst 1.0.

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Are the best chatbots rules based or ML trained?
This week sparked my attention the Mitzuku chatbot creator and Nick Felker discussion on Twitter. They are both strongly holding their side with provoking arguments. There are deeply technical aspects, but I still recommend you give it a read for the design considerations each present for the successful creation of chatbots.
Machine learning models everywhere
This one is a fairly technical article that dives into statistical models and hash functions. I still think you should give it a skim because I consider the content to be groundbreaking for the future of connected cars and devices. Making the machine learning available offline will be fundamental for the ubiquitous voice first future Amazon and all the others are shooting for. Tiny devices carrying machine learning models is the internet of things I want to sign up for. Welcome to VoiceFirst 1.0.
Situational design
Paul Cutsinger and Memo Döring from Alexa Evangelist team hosted a webinar on Situational design. There is a quote by Matt Hartman: Building a decision tree for smart speakers is like squishing down a website for mobile. Situational design is about getting rid off the decisional tree and design for situations. Catch the recording on the Alexa Twitch channel. I’m curious about implementation and design details. It’s a very new concept so stay tuned as I’m sure we will hear more.
Samsung Galaxy Home landed
Samsung Galaxy Home
Samsung Galaxy Home
Samsung unveiled smart speaker Galaxy Home last week, landing with Bixby 2.0 as smart assistant. The variety of devices where Samsung can have Bixby and most importantly, their smartphones line, could position them right there with the Amazon and Google soon. But I’ll concentrate first on the creators they can attract to build the capsules. Funny design, funny name for their apps, maybe Samsung is onto something.
The master assistant
Alexa, open Cortana. Cortana, open Alexa. A preview of the integration of Microsoft’s and Amazon’s smart assistant was just announced. Early testers have reported some bumps in the integration, but I will like to focus more on two versions of the future that can come up with this: One is the master assistant, the one that routes request according to the task to each assistant it have access to. Or two, the future where assistants interact with each other as a net of requests, intents and responses.
Quote of the week
The companies that win in voice computing will be those who disregard the decision tree paradigms of the past.
Matt Hartman.
The Alexa Conference will be held January 15-17, 2019, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This is a must attend event if you are building Alexa skills. Register here.

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