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VoiceFirst Weekly flash briefing is live! Don't reply to your customer with a rolling eyes gif, ever

This week we are thrilled to announce that our Alexa flash briefing skill is live! Enable VoiceFirst
VoiceFirst Weekly flash briefing is live! Don't reply to your customer with a rolling eyes gif, ever
By Mari from VoiceFirst Weekly • Issue #6 • View online
This week we are thrilled to announce that our Alexa flash briefing skill is live! Enable VoiceFirst Weekly flash briefing on your Alexa phone app to get a short, daily bit of VoiceFirst news and interesting insights. We discuss tweets, opinions, and emerging trends in voice for brands and companies in 2 minutes size format. Send us questions you want to hear discussed to or 

Don't reply with a rolling eyes gif ever, not even one from Robert Downey Jr.
Your company has now so many channels to communicate with your customers: Chatbots, tweets, Messenger, Alexa skills that you might feel is time for it to feel like a person. @RevolutApp the tweet account for financial services company Revolut tweeted in response to a user. Your chatbot can have a persona, characteristics that resemble human beings, probably close to those of someone you all know at the office. But is it really necessary to show all of the good and bad characteristics? Is it good to send gifs to customers that are at minimum derogative in the online discourse, let alone in a public tweet about a customer service issue? How do you think they will feel about your service and ultimately your brand after you send them a Robert Downey Jr. rolling eyes? This article by LizLum describe what happened. At VoiceFirst Weekly we’re big believers, especially related voice technologies, that your brand should think of a persona to identify with users. But it’s never a good call to diminish your users. 
Send us what you think to and we’ll talk about it in one of this week flashbriefings!
My bank is a bank, not my friend – Girl, Disrupted
Prototyping for audio skills
How to prototype for voice audio skills without trying? The answer is the ugliest thing I’ve ever made. Hilarious, simple and very useful at the same time. 
How To Prototype For Audio-Rich Voice Experiences Without Really Trying
Apple’s WWDC voice announcements left feelings of underwhelming
After reading and listening to every bit of news in reaction to this year Apple’s WWDC (in voice related news) the word we heard the most is underwhelmed. Being a company in 2018 is hard. These are the same consumers who saw the iPhone unveiling and the birth and rise of Amazon. Shortcuts is the new announcement by Apple that will allow you to customize app actions and reminders using Siri. Is Shortcuts the boost that Apple needs in Voice smart speakers? With the HomePod at several times the price of Amazon Alexa Echo line and Google Home, lacking some of their features it seems they’re a little… behind.
Do you feel like Apple this year it’s like your dad in a midlife crisis at the top of their career cashing as much as they have ever had, but without knowing what to do with their life? Because we do.
Google Home can now handle up to 3 commands at the same time
Google is showing a lot of progress with its Assistant features announcing this week that users can now ask multiple actions at once. Each command is appended with ‘and’: For instance, now you can say “OK Google” and ask for the weather, a news update, and for some music — without having to start with “OK Google” again (and again). Feature is available in US only for now, but it’s planned to be extended to other languages. We will continue to see the simplification of commands and queries in our interaction with Assistants as they mature. The big thing is how is getting more and more convenient and what will this mean for brands.
Google Home Now Supports 3 Voice Commands at Once | Fortune
Don't let yourself continue your day without watching Bethesda's Alexa game trailer
At this point, you are probably one of the 2 millions views of the video, but if not, don’t miss it. It’s not a joke, you can play the game in Alexa.
“It was the year 2018 when the memes became self-aware…."
Skyrim: Very Special Edition – Official E3 2018 Trailer - YouTube
From social media: Is VoiceFirst the future of gambling
This Instagram post by @vuxworld caught my attention this week: 
 Alexa, what are the odds that India will beat Tunisia on Sunday?
Kane asked in a video: Is the future of gambling VoiceFirst?
Follow us on Instagram @voicefirstweekly and let us know your thoughts on what other industries do you think VoiceFirst is a natural fit for.
9+1 Questions to Form your Chatbot’s Personality – Chatbots Magazine
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VoiceFirst is the next frontier.
 Saw in this tweet at MoneyConf
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