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VoiceFinTech 💸, who is doing it; Play board games with Alexa 🎲 - Issue #7

This week: what companies are leading FinTech with VoiceTech? What the trending skills and actions te
VoiceFinTech 💸, who is doing it; Play board games with Alexa 🎲 - Issue #7
By Mari from VoiceFirst Weekly • Issue #7 • View online
This week: what companies are leading FinTech with VoiceTech? What the trending skills and actions tell us about consumer attention in VoiceFirst and Alexa positioning itself as leader in hotels and rentals with Alexa for hospitality. Plus service, for unit testing your voice apps.
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VoiceFinTech is here
Big banks and financial companies have started to offer banking through virtual assistants, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google’s Assistant, in a way that will allow customers to check their balances, pay bills and send money just with their voice. 
The biggest challenge today for voice and finance is privacy. I think convenience will beat privacy and eventually users will get used to the risks or we’ll come up with some reasonable solution. Until then, have you used any of these services 👇? Let us know what you think @voicefirstweekly in Instagram.
Voice Interfaces in your credit cards and banks – VoiceFirst Weekly
Amazon introduces Alexa for hospitality
Amazon announced this week the launch of Alexa for hospitality, a version of their assistant for hotels. It will be rolled out on invitation basis to hotels and vacation rentals.
Echos will be in hotel rooms from where users will inquire about hotel’s services and make room orders. This announcement allows Amazon to position itself as leader in the space and left us wondering what this means for 3rd party developers, creators and entrepreneurs in voice about platform domination. Amazon can do this kind of launches that might put other apps in the market quickly out of sight. But the market is the market and there’s lots of room for innovation and friction reduction with voice.
Amazon made a special version of Alexa for hotels with Echo speakers in their rooms - The Verge
Board games arrives in Alexa
The company Sensible Object raised $3.2 millions to grow its experiences that combine Alexa with board games. Their first multiplayer game When in Rome uses Alexa as your guide and provider of a multimedia experience. The game introduces players to locals in cities around the world through trivia questions The experience, which visits 20 cities, can be tried for free by speaking with the When in Rome Alexa skill in the US. Will this open a new frontier for interactive games using voice technologies? Games are an instrumental element in voice tech adoption and we are seeing how companies are introducing more and more interactive experiences with voice first. Games and entertainment have a natural advantage in voice technologies, because users are way less concerned about privacy compared to other applications like personal banking or office productivity.
Sensible Object raises $3.2 million for board games you play with Alexa and Google Assistant | VentureBeat
Top trending Alexa skills and Google Actions or what are people engaging the most
If there is one truth is the consumer is the one who ultimately decides what stay and does not care about headlines. And timing, luck, money. We decided to explore some of the trending skills in Amazon Alexa and popular Google Actions.
  1. Question of the day
  2. Peaceful meditation
  3. Eighties letters
  4. True or false
  5. Jurassic bark
  6. Clean joke of the day
  7. Inspire me
  8. Find my phone
  1. I’m home routine. Turn your lights on, give home reminders and play music
  2. Pandora
  3. Google Play music
  4. Restaurant recommendations
  5. Opens apps and websites
  6. TuneIn. Audio app with more than 100 000 radio stations.
  7. Reminders
  8. Google Maps
As expected, trending Alexa skills shows an user interaction more entertainment based than Google home, more utility based. This reflects how users see these smart speakers and what activities they are more inclined to do in each of them. Alexa is the homie and Assistant is the guide. Besides the established use of speakers for playing music, no major brand is in the first eight or 10 skills or actions. The trend in the use of smart speakers for playing sounds, music, games and utilities like reminders, home automation and search continues. Enterprise spaces and office productivity is not even in the picture yet, and we expect to see a lot of more growth in the area with Cortana and Alexa partnership. 
We recently discovered a service to monitor and test Amazon Alexa skills and Google Assistant voice apps. If you are developing applications for voice technology you also need to be able to test it and fast. I don’t think there are a lot of companies doing at least the testing part, so this is a great resource.
Bespoken Software | Tools for Voice App Developers on Alexa and Google
Resources to create voice apps without knowing how to code – VoiceFirst Weekly
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Quote of the week
As brand guardian your sole purpose is to keep your brand relevant in today’s time.
Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie
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