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Voice activated everywhere - Issue #22

This week we feature voice technology from a diverse range of industries. It's so exciting to watch h
Voice activated everywhere - Issue #22
By Mari from VoiceFirst Weekly • Issue #22 • View online
This week we feature voice technology from a diverse range of industries. It’s so exciting to watch how industries are adopting voice technologies and smart assistants. Microsoft releasing headphones, front desks powered by Alexa, Google Assistant Digitals monetization and patient and doctors connecting through Alexa. Shall we?

The ultimate resource in voice technology.
The ultimate resource in voice technology.
Elliot Park Hotels voice activated
Via an integration with Amazon’s Alexa, BeyondTV provides Elliott Park Hotel guests with the convenience-enhancing ability to control guest room television functions using only their voice plus order amenities from the comfort of their guest room.
This week also workers from Marriot Hotels have expressed their concern of an Alexa (or voice) activated, powered front desk. Jobs are changing now, is not longer a view of the future. On the other side, voice activated front desk sounds pretty cool and easily scalable.
Venom special audio clip available on Alexa devices
Specially love this one, because I love movies, comic adapted movies, but also because Alexa.
Can a brief audio snippet help Fandango close ticketing deals? The service will test that theory with its first-ever movie audio integration for Amazon’s Alexa voice service tied to superhero pic “Venom.” What I like to see is media and entertainment brands experimenting in smart assistants platforms.
How brands can partner with Google Assistant?
Branding in voice is a subject that I think about a lot and I have talked about in several episodes of VFW briefing. Usually it’s about Alexa, so I’m happy to share this article about branding in Google Actions in a interview with Alana Brown, Global Partnerships for Google Assistant.
… Our team helps brands understand what developer tools are available to them on the Actions on Google platform, shares best practices for creating a voice user interaction and helps answer questions as they build out the user experience.
Alexa could connect doctors with their patients through teleconferencing
Apparently it cost the US $150 billion in missed appointments. But do not fear, Robinhood, I mean, Alexa is here to help: MediSprout, a health communications startup, has partnered with Amazon to launch a platform for scheduling appointments, and Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant has been configured to work with V2MD, a video-conferencing platform.
In the news
  • Make money with Google Actions: This update is specific for digital goods since they already had the option for physical products. Closely followed the consumables launch by Amazon for Alexa.
  • Microsoft announces headphones with Cortana. Exactly that: I expanded a little more in today’s episode of VoiceFirst Weekly daily briefing.
  • Alexa Quick-Start templates: Amazon keep betting on their relationship with Skills builders and developers and this is another part of it: Alexa skill quick start templates. The name says it all.
  • Apple hiring for Siri AI team hits all-time high with focus on natural-language processing.
  • Ambrosia launches Amazon Alexa Skill Follow BluCon to monitor glucose levels on the go.
Quote of the week
We are connecting Einstein to Siri or any other voice platform. We take that voice recognition and move it to the customer database. That is the magic!
Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce
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