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The Revolution will be synthesized - Issue #19

Apple special event yesterday was, how can I put it, underwhelming for voice technology. No AirPods a
The Revolution will be synthesized - Issue #19
By Mari from VoiceFirst Weekly • Issue #19 • View online
Apple special event yesterday was, how can I put it, underwhelming for voice technology. No AirPods announcements, not a lot of Siri and nothing hardware specific for voice or audio. I saw the focus was way more on AR and ARKit than voice tech, the AirPods or audio. Is it possible that Apple just doesn’t see it? They are in the middle of the paradigm change and can’t react to it? Shortcuts was mentioned once as in they expect people to build for it with the new iOS 12 release.
This week we dive into some VR with speech technology, older adults, prayers to Alexa and the end of radio search.

The ultimate resource in voice technology
The ultimate resource in voice technology
The Revolution will be synthesized
Yesterday, I did a small VR demo with one of the new features of Amazon Sumerian for VR and synthesized voices with Amazon Polly. Was genuinely impressed by what you can achieve in little time and with little knowledge of the platform. You can add gestures, receive speech, and integrate a Lex chatbot into the VR scene. Imagine what this combined with speech technology and cognitive services can do for on boarding experiences, teaching and synthesized media . This is the final result of what I did (You’ll need a browser that supports WebGL). We also did an episode in the podcast last week The Revolution will be synthesized, speaking about synthetic media, then I discover Sumerian and combined it with VR and it’s exciting and encouraging. Here is a link to a tutorial on AWS.
The Future of Voice First Technology and Older Adults
A comprehensive report of the opportunities of voice technology for applications geared towards older adults and their caregivers. Directed to senior living organizations, health care companies, investors and funds that focus on older adults, it’s packed with data and insights. It also has an interesting view into the possible realm of applications for older adults.
My daughter prayed to Alexa
Dear Alexa, please bless our meal today. What happens when your daughter it’s praying to Alexa? Lots of new questions are being added to parents as they raise kids in the age of voice technology.
The end of radio search as we know it
If you’re in the content business – that means television, radio, podcasting, video, games – you’d better master this voice thing.
The End Of Radio "Search" As We Know It
What I'm listening this week
ProductHunt radio this week episode did an interview with Alexia and Nico Bonatsos on the rise of voice, the evolution of VCs and why ads are awesome. Check it out on why they think voice is one of the next focus for VCs.
Quote of the week
With a conversational interface, the content itself is part of the structure, so design becomes even more important.
Cathy Pearl
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