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The one I wrote during the Alexa Conference - Issue #37

The one I wrote during the Alexa Conference - Issue #37
By Mari from VoiceFirst Weekly • Issue #37 • View online
Hello! What a week. The Alexa Conference is wrapping up today, we have been very active, recording live, tweeting and interviewing for the podcast, plus meeting with tons of people doing the cooler things in voice technology and Alexa. My heart is so full and grateful and my head is boiling with new ideas. That means tho, that this week I couldn’t properly prepare the issue. I hope you catched the live streaming I did with Ian Utile for the Alexa Conference, I talked about Podcasting in the age of Alexa and smart speakers, and where I see the future of voice going, also a cool announcement for the podcast.
I got the opportunity to get a few minutes interview with almost every company in the Exhibit Hall of the conference, it will be published as part of the podcast as soon as we get to the editing of all that, beware, lots of insights from the people who are building the voice industry right now.
One tiny bit of information that Amazon shared:
There are now 70 000 skills (up from 50 000 just a couple of months ago), 100 million devices (not smartphones), 4500 brands. And lot more talk about ambient computing. Expect more mention of it as the year progresses. I’m very interested in ambient computing, context awareness and understanding in smart assistants, so I will be sharing more of it as well.
In the next week’s issue you’ll get my insider summary of the Alexa Conference 2019 and what to look forward the rest of the year.
As always, much ❤️.

The ultimate resource for voice technology.
The ultimate resource for voice technology.
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