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The case for the virtual doctor 💉 - Issue #12

Voice Summit is closing today, it has been an amazing event, met with a lot of awesome, inspiring fol
The case for the virtual doctor 💉 - Issue #12
By Mari from VoiceFirst Weekly • Issue #12 • View online
Voice Summit is closing today, it has been an amazing event, met with a lot of awesome, inspiring folks in voice ecosystem. Can’t wait to share with you what we learned! Stay tuned. This issue is dedicated to healthcare in support of the coming The Voice of Healthcare Summit, August 7th. 

NHS to add Alexa for plans to create a virtual doctor
If you had any doubt voice technology is a fad, I think this announcement by the NHS should put it to rest. People could soon be diagnosed by Dr Alexa in their own living room as the NHS announces plans to join up with Amazon to create a virtual doctor. There are also talks to do the same with Google Assistant and HomePod.
Alexa, what's the next big platform for medical education?
Alexa is making more news on medical assistance as med ed company Rockpoint introduced a continuing medical education (CME) program for doctors on Amazon Alexa this week that it says is the first for the voice technology. In May, Amazon said it was building a health and wellness team within Alexa to make the service more useful to doctors. Many hospitals are also integrating Alexa and other voice assistants into patient care as tools to determine emergency room wait times or to help the elderly live independently. 
Should we expect a bot revolution in the Healthcare industry?
Chatbot magazine article on conversational AI as the future of healthcare is a glimpse into the future. Conversational AI in healthcare eases the access to the right care and the industry has favorable chances to serve their patients with personalized health tips. Read it here.
Sharecuts for sharing Siri shortcuts
Siri shortcuts are still in developer beta as well as iOS 12 but Sharecuts creator thinks they will be enough traction to create a service where people could share their shortcuts with one another, discover those others have shared, and suggest improvements to existing shortcuts. The project for now is invitation only.
Quote of the week
Conversations are largely about listening and understanding, not coding or architecting. The democratization of Conversational Technologies is underway largely because solutions providers recognize that their ultimate end-users are people who want to use their own words to search for and find the products they want or to describe and resolve the issues that are of greatest concern to them. 
Dan Miller
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