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Should we let an AI engineer human connection? - Issue #9

Happy 4th of July for our Americans readers 🎉🎉🎉 🎈🎈!  Another week, another inbox full of voice. You c
Should we let an AI engineer human connection? - Issue #9
By Mari from VoiceFirst Weekly • Issue #9 • View online
Happy 4th of July for our Americans readers 🎉🎉🎉 🎈🎈! 
Another week, another inbox full of voice. You can now found us in every major podcast platform, in Alexa by adding VoiceFirst Weekly to your flash briefings and on Google Assistant by saying Ok Google, Talk to VoiceFirst Weekly. Our episodes are short with a new topic in voice everyday.
This issue explores the dynamic relationship with our devices, small vs big screens and the potential of an Alexa powered dating service.  It also shows how we love to end our commentaries with questions. Isn’t that fascinating?
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We have reached peak screen
Revolution is in the air. This one goes into analyzing our addiction to phones and how phones sales are stalling but the fundamental premise is about the role Apple might play in a small-screened future, a future of Apple Watch, AirPods and a much improved Siri could do for our interaction with screens. However, I couldn’t help but wonder: do companies want their applications to be less immersive? The Valley has played with addiction in all of the most popular apps today, and probably the only company that is jumping in getting control back is Apple. For a good reason, they don’t own any of these services.
We Have Reached Peak Screen. Now Revolution Is in the Air. - The New York Times
Designing human to machines conversations authentically and ethically
Good read on guidelines to have into account when translating brand personas to voice. One of the highlights is that we have had radio advertising for years, and that should be the starting point when considering voice for brands. The importance of trust in voice applications can determine the fate of the platform. Do not abuse your relationship: be mindful of the conversation.  
Should we let an AI engineer human connection?
Witlingo lead designer Luciana Morais, dream of how a (successful) Alexa based dating app could be. The end result: data powered + Alexa conversational capabilities. Personality matching powered by voice. And finally the question that matter: is not can we do it, is do we want AI to engineer human connection?
Alexa on Love! – Luciana Morais – Medium
Build advanced skills with Dialog management: Amazon Alexa team keeps adding resources to their dialog management page. Featuring an upcoming webinar on July 18th, guides, courses and code samples. 
Google launched a new website on how to use the Google Assistant for Business. It’s aimed at the brands that are interested in how they can get ahead of the curve for this new age of assistance. If you were expecting this to be a similar product than Alexa for business as I was, you will be disappointed. Alexa for business provides a private space for your organization while Google for business is more like templates and use cases of brands and companies using Google Assistant. 
Going creative at Cannes
The Google Assistant team showcased on the beach at Cannes Lions how brands and agencies can use Actions on Google to reach customers in new, assistive ways and satisfy their curiosity and needs. They demonstrated how Actions can help plan a trip with Lonely Planet or complete a step-by-step recipe with Tasty — all powered by the Google Assistant. Learn more on Google Agency blog.
Apparently, Cortana is the least known assistant by consumers. For Windows Central, Cortana needs to be the best enterprise assistant to get a foot in the fight. Microsoft lost the smartphones and OS for mobile war and it might cost them the assistant one as well. Without a phone or a smart speaker, positioning themselves in front of customers is at least, challenging. Can Satya and the Redmond team pull the smart assistant for the enterprise?
Microsoft's Cortana needs be the best enterprise assistant to survive | Windows Central
Quote of the week
I hope Alexa is okay in our house while we’re away.
Overheard at the bus station: a small (5-year-old?) child says wistfully to her father, by Dr. Amanda Potts on Twitter.
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