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Relationship design, conversational commerce and CRM and voice in senior living houses - Issue #20

As our long title subject announces, this issue is packed with news from different industries where v
Relationship design, conversational commerce and CRM and voice in senior living houses - Issue #20
By Mari from VoiceFirst Weekly • Issue #20 • View online
As our long title subject announces, this issue is packed with news from different industries where voice is making an impact, including property management, senior living houses, video game publishing and CRM.
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The ultimate resource in voice technology.
The ultimate resource in voice technology.
The guy who coined conversational commerce was wrong about conversational commerce
This is a [long] thought-provoking, adventurous article by Chris Messina about the ongoing conversations of brands with their consumers. It’s also about relationship design, defined as a new business discipline that is about meaningful interactions, and how we create, observe, measure, edit, and improve the way conversational brands behave and relate to us in the era of the one-to-one, talking internet.
There is also a summary of that article by Dan Miller, the guy who actually coined the term conversational commerce and his views on it. Dan’s review is particularly focused on the impact in the enterprise. It’s way worth the read as well.
Smart Home Technology Becomes a Must-Have in Senior Living
Last week in one of the episodes of our daily flash briefing show, I talked about What makes voice special for older adults, with a focus on the opportunities of voice technology for older adults.
This article goes a little further to say the technology it’s a must-have and the pieces are now in place to create comprehensive “smart home” environments in senior living — and doing so is a must, if companies want to be well-positioned for the future.
It also brings a question that I have heard little being discussed in the voice tech community: how to balance standardization with personalization for multi modalities?
I have come to realize that those who are designing voice applications for older adults are more inclined to think about the environment the user is in, meaning their caregivers and the whole family, but also in details leading to personalization.
One of the reference voices in voice tech for older adults is Heidi Cultberson, who presented one of the talks I enjoyed the most at Voice Summit Aging with Alexa.
Ubisoft Unveils Limited Edition ‘Assassin’s Creed’-Themed Alexa
Game publisher company Ubisoft is creating an Alexa-enabled device and an Alexa Skill based on its upcoming action-RPG “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey”. Jeff Bezos said that games is what’s going to drive adoption of the platform (referring to Alexa). Ubisoft is joining another publisher that also debuted in the creation of Alexa content: Bethesda with “Skyrim: Very Special Edition” during this year’s E3. I only foresee this trend to continue to grow. More video game publishing companies will wake to the voice first revolution and will seek to be in voice platforms.
We keep learning how people speak and how they phrase a request
Jack, a voice and chat assistant connecting tenants and landlords was presented at Disrupt 2018 Conference earlier this month. TechCrunch interviewed Fernando Higuera, CTO and founder of Jack.
You can tell Jack to send someone to help with a pipe. The company is targeting apartment management companies, property managements and residence halls. About the voice development of the app, Fernando said they are still learning the processing of data and how people speak.
In the Twitter feed, there’s one response to the video that makes you laugh or ponder depending on your perspective: This so dumb as hell. Landlords want to ignore tenant problems as long as possible.
What I’m listening: This week in Voice Season 3 is out and the first episode guests were Noelle LaCharite, Lead of Developer Experiences for Cognitive Services at Microsoft and Cathy Pearl, Head of Design Outreach at Google. I liked the dynamic between Cathy and Noelle while listening to their experiences and POV in the different news discussed. Interesting points from both Noelle and Cathy on the Google adding Digital Wellbeing features to the Assistant question. Give it a listen.
In the news
  • Salesforce announces a voice assistant for the enterprise. I talked about it in today’s episode of our flash briefing.
  • You can now create your own gadgets with Alexa.
  • Amazon plan to release at least 8 new Alexa powered devices, including a microwave, an amplifier and an in car gadget. It’s expected the products will be announced today at 1:00 pm EDT.
Quote of the week
Brands are now in a place where they have to integrate voice into their overall strategy
Heard at ProductHunt Radio episode with
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