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New year, more voice tech! - Issue #35
By Mari from VoiceFirst Weekly • Issue #35 • View online
Happy new year to you and your loved ones! Thanks for staying with us. You truly keep me going and I appreciate you immensely.
New year, more voice tech! 2019 might be the biggest year in voice technology yet! Easy prediction. As we begin the year, 2 types of posts are running in every industry right now: what were the most important developments in the year that ends and predictions on the one ahead. This issue, we tackle both.
As always, much ❤️.

                             Join me at The Alexa Conference in 2 weeks to discuss voice tech.
Join me at The Alexa Conference in 2 weeks to discuss voice tech.
Apple won multiple patents including Siri Home Automation
Apple’s newly granted patent (#10,170,123) covers their invention relating to natural language processing and, more specifically, to the use of a virtual assistant (Siri) with natural language processing to control electronic devices within a home. For more details, you could review Patently Apple’s original patent application report here.
The 25 most popular Alexa skills of 2018, according to Amazon
With 2018 drawing to a close, Amazon announced the top Alexa skills used in the US during the last year. The list comprises the most popular, engaging, and innovative skills, and it spans across several categories, including games, wellness, daily habits, family, and more.
What stands out particularly are voice games, especially trivia and quizzes. Others that made the list are adventure based games like the Magic Door (one of my favorites). Kids Court, a very popular skill we have talked about in the podcast also made the list after having a fantastic year of press. The next category of importance is wellness (sleeping sounds, meditation, exercise) and utilities like Find My Phone and Alexa Skills Blueprints. If you want to bet on successful skill for 2019 these categories shouldn’t be missed. What others you’ll think we’ll be entering this list by the end of the year? Tweet me @voicefirstlabs and let me know!
Will smart assistants finally bring education to the 21st century?
That’s what I asked on Twitter after watching this video of a kid asking Alexa the answers to the questions in his homework. Despite the great deal being discussed online (and offline for that matter) on how education might not be doing the best service for the next generation, the system itself seems unbothered. Will generation V - for voice - make that change? When the answers are in your own voice something has to give: how we learn and what we teach for the next set of skills the workforce will need.
2019 predictions from voice tech leaders
I’m not a fan of predictions post in New Year, but it attracts views and clicks and open conversations. After all, conversations is in the main mission of VoiceFirst Weekly, so it’s very fitting. This is what Voicebot considers 35 industry leaders predictions, here are the topics that stand out:
  • Proliferation of more displays, modalities, devices, contexts
  • Implicit invocation and voice search
  • Brands and the enterprise incorporating voice to their strategy more broadly
  • Better language comprehension
  • Privacy and security
  • Voice development in hearables
  • Monetization (true monetization, finally)
  • Even Philosophers
What’s my take you ask? Ask me at the Alexa Conference! I’ll be there next January 15-17 to discuss stuff like this and podcasting in the age of Alexa.
Beta Alexa skills builder AWS Certification Exam
Amazon just announced a new Beta Exam for Alexa skills builders. AWS Certification uses beta exams to test new exam questions before they are used in a live exam. An exam goes through the beta process before the exam is launched for the first time. AWS Certification also completes a beta process when an exam outline changes.
 If the beta is successful, candidates who pass the exam will be among the first to hold the new certification. In addition, beta exams are typically offered at 50% off standard exam pricing.
The exam is available until February 1, 2019, hurry up!
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Voice is the future. The world’s technology giants are clamoring for vital market share
Clark Boyd
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