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Chewie, I don’t think they had wookies in mind when they made her - Issue #32

Chewie, I don’t think they had wookies in mind when they made her - Issue #32
By Mari from VoiceFirst Weekly • Issue #32 • View online
The holidays are almost here. Another year is ending and a new one begins. With it, one of the best years for voice technology adoption. We are going to be at the Alexa Conference next January 15 - 17 discussing a year in voice. Join us! I will be speaking about podcasting in the age of Alexa. Here’s a promo code for a 20% discount when you register: ALEXASPKR226. See you there!
As always much ❤️!
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Join me in January at The Alexa Conference.
Join me in January at The Alexa Conference.
Why voice assistants don’t understand people who stutter
“I love technology; it’s supposed to make our lives much easier,” said Pena. “It’s wonderful… if you can use it.”
Read this for why smart assistants are still not capable of recognizing certain speech disabilities. And how some users might be giving up on smart speakers, thinking they are not for them: Chewie, I don’t think they had wookies in mind when they made her.
A friendly reminder that voice technology and specifically speech recognition stills have a road ahead to understand a portion of their users.
Alexa is on a roll
Alexa’s new email-checking, business-calling, and location-based Routines features will likely spur more frequent usage of the voice assistant among US consumers.
What do you think about the comparison of email reading to a huge voicemail inbox? Leave your cents on Twitter.
I think is a powerful feature for contexts like driving, getting ready in the morning and above all for specific messages.
Catch up with the latest updates to Alexa in this BI article.
The Role of Context in Redefining Human-Computer Interaction
I have said before that for voice apps, context, as opposed to content is king. That necessarily does not diminishes the relevance of content, since in voice, the structure of the app, is the app itself. It does switch the spotlight to the environment in which the app is invoked, generating a chain reaction of responses that vary depending on that context. This article by the Alexa team goes deep into their vision and work in context in Alexa skills. The goal, as stated by the post is to fundamentally change: we’re on a multiyear journey to fundamentally change human-computer interaction.
A review of 2018 in voice and what’s next
The review of 2018, is not exhaustive by any measure, but the takes on the top five developments in voice technology he expects to see in 2019 is indeed worth the read.
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Quote of the week
If technology is war, the best weapon is speed.
Mitra Sorrells
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