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Back to the future - Issue #8

We are expanding! VoiceFirst Weekly flash briefing is now available on iTunes, Google Play, TuneIn an
Back to the future - Issue #8
By Mari from VoiceFirst Weekly • Issue #8 • View online
We are expanding! VoiceFirst Weekly flash briefing is now available on iTunes, Google Play, TuneIn and CastBox. Each episode is a short format audio discussing a matter for voice. You can send suggestions for themes you’ll like featured @voicefirstlabs on Twitter. And now besides Alexa enabled devices you can also say, “Okay Google, talk to VoiceFirst Weekly” on Android devices or Google Home and Google Home Mini. 

Designing for VUI and peaks of attention VUX
Interesting article discussing cognitive load in voice user interfaces. Eloquently explore the importance of understanding key differences between VUIs and GUIs design and how to handle user’s peaks of attention in a VUI. “As these peaks have a high cognitive load, they should be kept short to stop the user from getting overwhelmed. This means limiting the length and information density of responses.” Brands, designers and developers should carefully design for managing the user peak moments in voice first applications. 
How to Go from Screens to Voice without Overwhelming the User
From 1993, the future of voice
Twitter user @BrianRoemmele  posted this video, which is a few years old, but illustrate what a seamless, multimodal voice experience can become. It’s a good horizon line to look at. For the dreams of voice tech of tomorrow, go back to the future. Doesn’t look that futuristic today, doesn’t it? Enjoy.
Are we teaching children that machines have sensibilities?
One of the best links of the week. A thoughtful write up on the implications of the ways kids interact with smart assistants. “We don’t want children to view Alexa as a friend or having human characteristics and forming attachments that will make forming skepticism later on more difficult,”  The question is how can it be avoided? That’s what we do as humans! We anthropomorphize and empathize, especially kids. We’ll love to hear your thoughts on this, drop us a line at or a DM @voicefirstlabs on Twitter or @voicefirstweekly on Instagram.
The case against teaching kids to be polite to Alexa
Will we stop talking and just text?
It’s speech, but not as we know it. Interesting article on modern texting, why texting phrases as ‘lololol’ is separated from its speech counterpart in meaning. Give it a read, it will take a few minutes to read but it’s worth it.
BBC - Culture - Will we stop speaking and just text?
Two news on Amazon highlighted this week: The Alexa app on iOS was updated this week. You can now talk to Alexa directly in the app, just tapping the Alexa button. Excellent news. Now who’s  gonna make me get off the bed!
Alexa added interaction path analysis to your skills which shows aggregate usage patterns in a visual format. including which intents your customers use, in what order. Now you’ll be able to see how your users are using your skill and if they are using it correctly. 
Google announced that users can now query their assistant in Spanish. It was already available in the Assistant phone app, but Google Home and Google Home Mini didn’t have support for it. You can ask a question in Spanish and you’ll get the answer in the default language of your device.
Whiteboard interviews on Google Home: Developers interviews are a dreaded, loved and very discussed process. Love it or hate it it’s here and you better be prepared for it. Wouldn’t it be great to have a virtual assistant who could act as your interview partner?
Twitter user @chatasweetie built an Action to help you step up your interview skills. Simply say “Talk to Whiteboarding Practice”! The action will provides hints and solutions.
Quote of the week
Voice is the interface to humans.
Brian Roemmele
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