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A glimpse into the future: automatic sign language translation 👌 - Issue #11

We are very excited for the coming Voice Summit July 24 - 26. More than 1500 people are expected to a
A glimpse into the future: automatic sign language translation 👌 - Issue #11
By Mari from VoiceFirst Weekly • Issue #11 • View online
We are very excited for the coming Voice Summit July 24 - 26. More than 1500 people are expected to attend. The conference will feature talks in a diverse range of industries and hands-on sessions. We will be in as much sessions as humanly possible to bring you back the summary of events. If you are going to attend and would like to meet, grab a coffee and discuss the future in voice, reach out!

Automatic sign language translation
In one of our episodes of VoiceFirst Weekly flash briefing podcast we talk about Talking Hands a product to be released next year by Italian Startup Limix. The project translated sign language with special gloves. This week Twitter user @shekitup published a video of an echo translating sign language. Times are exciting.
This clever app lets Amazon Alexa read sign language
The App Store turned 10 years, what’s next
A thoughtful reflection on the state of voice technology compared to where the App Store was when it launched 10 years ago. The article was inspired by a Gartner report comparing the growth of Alexa skills vs App Store apps available over the first 4 years. We did an episode of this same topic outlining other reasons why the comparison is not exactly helpful. You can check it out here.
10 Years after the App Store, what’s Next?
Publishers and media in voice platforms
Despite the title of this article having monetization on it, it’s more sided on how publishers are leveraging voice technologies. When it comes to using voice assistants for news, the focus isn’t on the money just yet. At the BBC, The New York Times, and Evening Standard, the teams are mostly just playing around with the format, because publishers need to understand and be present where their audience is. And that’s the distinction every company needs to make at this time with voice technology: Meeting your audience where they are and stay relevant by becoming the first in the medium.
Great presentation of the research by NYT and BBC on their findings by playing out content strategies with their audiences in voice platforms.
Google Assistant now provides a visual snapshot of your day
Google announced earlier this week that will provide a visual snapshot for an overview of your day. The snapshot is nearly identical to what Android smartphone users see when they swipe left away from their home screen and tap the same icon, but will expand to include recommendations for music, podcasts, and other services and even recommend voice apps to try. Google is trying to leverage multimodal in an useful way, playing with context to offer information relevant to the user in that moment. By recommending Actions to try they might introduce a new way to discoverability and monetization for Actions, which might be sponsored or ranked some way we still don’t know. This is a big step for Google in the road for user’s attention in the smart assistants market. It has the strong mobile presence of Android as an advantage over Amazon as well as the fact that with visual snapshot, there’s no action required by the user, and convenience always wins. 
Google Assistant now serves up a visual snapshot of your day | VentureBeat
Amazon is planning to migrate English language skills to other variants of English
Amazon will be migrating your existing live English language skill to create an identical target English language variant. Flash briefings are not included, you will need to create a new one in the target language. This could potentially drive way more traffic to your existing skills, so it’s important to be prepared for that. Amazon is trying to boost skills engagement by making sure skills are in every possible variant of English. Here’s the FAQ explaining the move:
Alexa Skills English Variants Migration FAQ | ASK
Amazon Alexa Experience Design is hiring.
Voice Design & User Research positions:
Quote of the week
Brands that are easy to do business with, that give consumers back time — these brands win.
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