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iPhone 14 Display’s design is.. complicated.
As you already saw on the news in the last few days, the display design of the iPhone 14 Pro is more complicated than we thought… The “pill+hole” design is huge..

The image posted to Weibo claims to offer a more precise look at this design change, showing the true size of that hole + pill design.
Right atfer this news surfaced, I contacted my sources and got confirmed that this this the true size of it, and match to what I heard last year… In my opinion, the photo looks like it’s for a 6,1" iPhone 14 Pro, and the Pro Max version will be less “big” on the 6,7" display.
ShrimpApplePro 🍤
Like in the photo, it will be weirdly BIG,
Also it’s very hard to put In-screen TouchID into iphone 14 with the current Tech. It’s below Apple’s qualification.
The bezels also slimmer on the Pro models- said source, and both the “pill+hole” will be symmetrical. speaker grill will sit inside the bezels.
As for the non Pro models, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, both will keep using the old “notch” of the iPhone 13 models. all 4 models will not have in-screen Touch ID as source said there are so differences in the glass layer and the process making it so it still be the same Ceramic Shield.
The date of the mass production of the display is still scheduled for April.
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