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Podcast: Demystifying FedSpeak on Fed Day

We’re confident when we say, you will not get this type of plain spoken explanation in finance anywhere else. Not on CNBC, not on Fox Business, not even on Bloomberg. Once upon a time you’d get it in Barrons and maybe theWall Street Journal, But noone is doing this to help investors anymore. There is a need, and we aim to fill it best we can. This is the type of stuff we do with Founders in the Sunday Masterclasses.
Why Do This?
Online brokers talk about “democratizing finance”. They are liars. They want to take your money as quickly as possible like playing pai gow poker or multiple hands of blackjack. They don’t want an educated customer. If they did they’d work on increasing retention rates, not adding new pigeons. Smart cusotmers are dangerous to them. We truly want to level the playing field for retail.
Deccrypting the Lingo.
We were asked about today’s Fed meeting yesterday. So today’s podcast was devoted to explaining how we prep for it. The intent is to help traders and investors see through the noise put upon us every time there is a data release.
If you want to understand a little more of what your favorite financial blog is talking about, shut up your annoying uncle at thanksgiving, or just want to make more sense of how stocks react to these things.. you are in the right place.
This podcast is essentially a lite version of how we ran risk meetings for trading desks and hedge funds assessing the possible outcomes of an event. Only here, we try to spell it out a little more. We hope this helps
Each clip is about 2 minutes long and meant to be listened to in order. But each clip can be taken individually like a chapter. No visual aides are used. Listen like a regular podcast only is fine. Enjoy
FED DAY PREP: Transitory word change implications 2/n
Mkt expectations, tapering, Transitory (dis)honesty
FED DAY PREP: Transitory part 2, "Tapering is not hiking"- 3/n
Transitory removal is hawkish.. tapering not hiking described
FED DAY PREP: "Tapering is not hiking" but it will be Car analogy- 4/n
Tapering will be hiking, BOE wld raise rates even w/ QE ongoing, so why not FED? Car gas/ Brake analogy,
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