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Ready, Steady, Go!

Ready, Steady, Go!
By Vishal Gorai • Issue #1 • View online
Welcome to my ship. Let’s explore places together!

Hello and Welcome!
I’m Vishal Gorai. I assume you don’t know me, because neither I’m in politics, nor I play cricket. Well, I’m an engineer by passion and by profession. I LOVE building things to simplify… my life first, and then for everyone else. Oh cmon, how on earth can I make you dishes, if I’m hungry myself. Apart from this, I love reading books, travelling places and talking to people and getting to know their lives, culture, and stories. And lastly, but most interestingly, I love writing.
Enough about me, let's get started.
I occasionally blog on Medium, and it has been well received by the Medium Community. How about checking them out here! Thanks in advance for your claps.
Now, taking a leap ahead I’m super excited to welcome you all to my newsletter. Honestly, it took me more than I expected to get on the train, but better late than never, and Voila! I’m here, inviting you all to my journey. I’ll try to be consistent with my articles here on Revue, starting sometime next year. It will not only keep me creative, and keep you entertained, but we will be in constant touch. And if I ever act as a lazy lump, you have all the rights to spam my DMs until I get back on track.
About my newsletters!
I’ll be writing about books, software, random stuff that intrigues me on the internet and life hacks, and… that’s it for now. 
Hang on, I’ll be adding more on the list, as I get bored writing on all these. Well, if you find something fascinating, do let me know and we’ll explore together. And maybe, you’ll be the protagonist for my next edition. 
TA-DAA, see you in the next release!
Till then, do let me know your feedbacks. Hit me up on Linkedin, Instagram or Twitter.
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