Vinish Garg - Issue #9 [Products]

Hey welcome to the next Readings issue on [Products]. 
Vinish Garg - Issue #9 [Products]
By Vinish Garg • Issue #30
Hey welcome to the next Readings issue on [Products]. 

I’m Sorry, But Those Are Vanity Metrics
After three decades of leading data teams at companies like LiveOps, Netscape and ReadyForce, Looker founder and CTO Lloyd Tabb’s biggest learning isn’t what you would expect…
The Startup Founder’s Guide to Analytics
I’m very confident of that, because today, everyone needs analytics.
We just killed 75% of our side projects. Here’s why.
The whole point of a side projects is to take risks. 
Are your future customers using another product? - Inside Intercom
Every customer arrives at your product with a backstory. 
Ask Techstars: Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying to an Accelerator
To help answer questions, we had Lesa Mitchell, managing director for Techstars Kansas City, and Jenny Fielding…. 
Your ability to focus has probably peaked—Here’s how to stay sharp
Having a hard time focusing lately? You’re not alone.
LearnVest’s Head of Product Shares His Best Storytelling Tips for Product Managers
Vivek Bedi has over 15 years of experience in product management and believes that storytelling is the most important skill for product managers.
How one publication mastered the art of editorial planning
News outlet, The Information, has a small team but a smart process for editorial planning.
Managing a User's Trust with Machine Learning SaaS Software
There’s no quicker way to lose a user or buyer of your software than to lose their trust.
Attacking with Thought Leadership
In the beginning, creating a new GTM funnel out of nothing seems like an insurmountable challenge.
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