Vinish Garg - Issue #7

HeyThis is my readings issue for current week, with some useful readings on startups, products, and c
Vinish Garg - Issue #7
By Vinish Garg • Issue #7
This is my readings issue for current week, with some useful readings on startups, products, and content. Thank you! Follow me on Twitter @vingar.

Learning and Impact, Over Ideas and Activity — Brian Balfour's Coelevate
There are two attachments that are corrosive for growth teams.  Learn what
they are, how to avoid them, what behaviors you should be attached to, and
how to encourage them.  
Our Startup's Biggest Hiring Fails From $0-250K/Month
I’m proud of the team we’ve built, but it hasn’t been easy. Here are the mistakes that hurt the most.
How we improved the checkout success ratio by 63% — Medium
We measure almost everything at KapGel. Even the little KapGel Rocket bottom of the screen fires a Mixpanel event! And a…
Over the last few years working in a high growth tech startup has become pretty popular and these days it’s normal to se…
Peeling Back To First Principles - Inside Intercom
Starting from first principles is something we do a lot in our product and design process at Intercom. I was reminded of this after reading the final piece in an amazing, highly recommended, 4 part series about Elon Musk published on Wait But Why.
Everything Needs To Actually Be Architected
Slides from the closing keynote address at World Information Architecture Day in Bristol, England on February 20, 2016
How to Create How-To Content That Doesn't Suck — The Content Strategist
The Internet is full of bad advice. Here’s how you can do better.
Why You Need Two Types of Content Strategist
Learn how front-end and back-end content strategists operate and why they must work together – Content Marketing Institute

Our Networked Lives, Publishing and Semantic Technologies | OntotextOur Networked Lives, Publishing and Semantic Technologies | Ontotext
How semantic technologies enhance content creation, distribution and maintenance in a world of interconnected data.
Aligning Business Goals With User Goals in Content - Story Needle
Getting business value from content involves responding to the interests users are expressing through their interactions with content.
 Lightweight DITA article in Technical Communication Journal | I'd Rather Be Writing
A recent article in the Technical Communication Journal explores lightweight DITA and the way it removes some of the complexity from the authoring process. L…
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