Vinish Garg - Issue #62

Hey welcome to this Friday issue on Content. If you find this list useful, I will appreciate if you c
Vinish Garg - Issue #62
By Vinish Garg • Issue #62
Hey welcome to this Friday issue on Content. If you find this list useful, I will appreciate if you can share it in your network so that they can subscribe to get these updates.

Landscape of Content Variation
To create different versions of content, publisher have three options: the template-based, compositional, and elastic approaches.
Yes, and: Helping you communicate better
When actor Alan Alda signed on to host the PBS show Scientific American Frontiers, in which he talked with scientists about their work, he did what most good interviewers would do. 
Return of the technical editor?
Is the role of technical editor in steady decline? Can technical editors make a comeback, or will they be wholly replaced by technology or another role?
Is Your Digital Transformation Going as Well as You Think?
By assessing the state of their digital transformation, businesses gain information about their readiness to function in the ever-expanding digital economy.
The Accidental Taxonomist: Metadata and Taxonomies
The question remains whether to start with creating the overall metadata strategy and schema and then build taxonomies as part of it as needed, or to start with creating a taxonomy and then, in the process, identify the descriptive metadata.
Failing to Manage Content as an Asset Puts Personalization Out of Reach of Most Marketers
The Gartner Digital Marketing blog provides insights on the topics that matter most to marketers.
Two IXIASOFT experts, among experienced techcomm professionals, contributing to Dr. Crabbe’s new book
Among the contributors, two IXIASOFT experts, Keith Schengili- Roberts, DITA Evangelist and Market Researcher, as well as Nolwenn Kerzreho, Technical Account Manager, Europe.
Current Practices and Trends in Technical and Professional Communication
This week, the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators published a book, called Current Practices and Trends in Technical and Professional Communication.
The Messy Business of Metadata
Wait, I thought the purpose of metadata was to bring order and make the search process cleaner and thus make findability achievable. How can it be messy?
One of the most frequently asked questions we get is: “Why do I need to use a Component Content Management System (CCMS) if I am already developing and publishing my content in XML?” 
Nobody Likes a Know-It-All: How Storytelling Can Fix Your Tone Problem
People don’t like being told what to do, but they do love good stories. Here’s how brand storytelling takes your content from aggressive to engaging.
DITA Technical Documentation and SEO
DITA Technical Documentation and SEO - I will be covering all of the points in this article and more in a webinar presentation on DITA and SEO at CIDM’s online IDEAS Summer Online Confere…
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