Vinish Garg - Issue #60 [Content]

Hey welcome to this Friday issue on Content. If you find this list useful, I will appreciate if you c
Vinish Garg - Issue #60 [Content]
By Vinish Garg • Issue #60
Hey welcome to this Friday issue on Content. If you find this list useful, I will appreciate if you can share it in your network so that they can subscribe to get these updates.

Content: Is it really a business asset? - Scriptorium
Some content does not. A tweet is usually short-lived with relevance measured in hours or, at best, days. But other content lives for months or years. 
Write the Docs Podcast Episode #7:  Let The Robots Do The Work
In this podcast, we first explore the flourishing community of tech…
Making things real: Content strategy for realistic content management
I was studying to become a secondary biology teacher. It was my teaching methods class — a one-credit class that ran parallel to my student teaching — and I was tasked with creating a ten-day lesson… - technical communication
Sandy Bartell is a professional technical communicator and the convenor of the ISO Systems, Software, and IT Services working group.
Exceptional User Experiences with Meaningful Content NOW
Content enrichment and semantic web technologies are key to efficient content management. Learn why and see these technologies in action.
Voice Activation: Are You Ready? – Aha Media
Voice-Assisted Technology and Your Content
Multi-source Publishing: the Next Evolution - Story Needle
Publishers need to consider, and plan for, how their content will fit in an emerging framework of integrated, multi-source publishing
What Do Mobile Users Expect in an App?
What do mobile app users in 2017 expect? Quite a bit! Author and Appsee Head of Content Hannah Levenson brings us the latest that users are expecting.
How to run the perfect content audit
In my last couple of posts, I looked at the 7 reasons why you should audit your content and 3 steps to prepare for an effective content audit.
Our approach for the new taxonomy | Inside GOV.UK
Product updates and news from the Government Digital Service’s GOV.UK team.
Is DITA working for you? DITA Satisfaction Survey 2017 results
Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) has gained widespread adoption in the techcomm field, as both a tool and a standard for structured technical writing. 
Content strategy project delivers Tourism Saskatchewan a roadmap for change
We loved working with Tourism Saskatchewan and are thrilled to have our work highlighted in their spring newsletter, Going Places.
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