Vinish Garg - Issue #6 [Content]

Good Monday morning! Welcome to the next Readings issue on [Content]. 
Vinish Garg - Issue #6 [Content]
By Vinish Garg • Issue #24
Good Monday morning! Welcome to the next Readings issue on [Content]. 

In data-driven organisations, there is an increasing need for us to justify the performance of our content, either through qualitative measures or quantitative metrics.
Users’ Advocate Phil Davis looks at adventures in the alt-doc universe(s) and what they mean for defining success.
As Cooper has expanded its practice in Customer Experience Design, we often create journey maps in coaching and consulting projects.
WhP will be presenting the topic “Is DITA 1.3 the missing link between Tech Pub and Digital learning?” at DITA NA on the 24th of April.
“For somebody to do something – whether it’s buying a car, checking an email, or doing 20 press-ups – three things must happen at once.
When it comes to digesting information, one of the basic human tendencies is the utilization of abstractions. 
I worked on a recent project with very enthusiastic stakeholders. They were very hands on, and we had many long discussions to come to consensus and take in feedback. 
Even when content strategy is given priority in design, hiring content strategists is too often not. 
This week brought one of my favorite annual events: the celebration at which the students in our Technical Communication program at Duke University receive their certificates.
Content needs to be adaptable, flexible, scalable, enterprise-wide, and worth the considerable investment required to create and manage it all.
An experience is a combination of context and content. Fcussing on the content, we need an engine to make delivery predictable, repeatable and scalable.
I hope that you find this list useful. Any questions or comments, do not hesitate to write to me anytime. 
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