Vinish Garg - Issue #58 [Content]

Hey welcome to this Friday issue on Content. Today’s issue includes design systems, FAQs in documenta
Vinish Garg - Issue #58 [Content]
By Vinish Garg • Issue #58
Hey welcome to this Friday issue on Content. 
Today’s issue includes design systems, FAQs in documentation, semantic information extraction, storytelling, DITA transformation for QA, decision trees for content, and API documentation portal in Flare.

DITA plugins generally create output for production. However, you can also use them as an important part of your QA workflow.
If your translation services provider told you that you could save money on large content projects, would you turn them away?
Many tech writers have a heavy disdain for FAQs. At first this disd…
These are remarks I made earlier this week at the STC Carolina chapter’s 50th anniversary celebration (with some local color edited out).
Design systems are all the rage (and also really useful). But are they useful for all organizations and teams? This week, UX Booth Senior Editor Kristina Bjoran invites readers to chime in.
Learn how you can turn textual sources into data assets with Semantic Information Extraction.
Storytelling can be powerful, but harnessing that power requires finesse. And finesse requires detail.
Linguistic Sign-off can be challenging once you adopt DITA. Take a look at the options you have to shorten time-to-market and localization costs.
Virtual and augmented reality took center stage at this year’s DocMuc. Read on for more insights.
Decision trees support decision-making by laying out the questions that should be asked about content, and presenting the responses and consequences.
Take a Netflix approach to your content marketing – show your audience how to take a binge-worthy path to consume your content
Confab Central 2017 took place from 7-9 June in Minneapolis and brought together around 600 content leads, content strategists, brand strategists, heads of content….
Contenta is a Drupal distribution that gives you modern API capabilities out-of-the box
This post follows on from our Creating an API documentation portal with MadCap Flare and Swagger/OpenAPI post.
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