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Vinish Garg - Issue #55; Content for VR, AR

Few days back, I was reading Sophia Dominguez's Medium post - How To Make Consumers Understand VR/AR.
Vinish Garg - Issue #55; Content for VR, AR
By Vinish Garg • Issue #55 • View online
Few days back, I was reading Sophia Dominguez’s Medium post - How To Make Consumers Understand VR/AR. Her note on the role of content caught my eye when she says:
Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Realities all move beyond the rectangle and place content around us, in front of us, beside us, and above us.
Isn’t it fascinating? Content beyond containers - content via hooks, intent, and references only?
I quickly recalled Cruce Saunders’s (of [A]) slides from IDW 2017, and I wrote to him as below.

Cruce was kind to share his thoughts.
Hi Vinish,
Great question.
Not a lot of movement towards single sourcing VR yet. But actually, I’ve been in contact with a virtual reality expert, a fellow speaker at ICC, about this very question.
We haven’t built a proof of concept for it yet, but yes - I believe structured content delivered via APIs is the best way to single-source content into augmented reality application, and to power dynamic avatars in virtual reality applications.
I’m looking forward to working with a client who wants to move in this direction. I can imagine lots of applications for immersive content interactions.
As an aside: since content is inherently dimensional, someday I would also like to see taxonomy and ontology visualization using VR technology. Perfect tool for content engineers.
The pace at which ‘content engineering’ is being accepted in the industry (it is slow and it calls for a lot of investment in educating stakeholders and teams rather than actually doing the work and delivering the value), it should be a bit of a challenge for how businesses (or non-profit organizations) respond to next-generation content requirements.
How do you think the content engineering should respond and evolve for VR/AR challenges? Thoughts or ideas?
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