Vinish Garg - Issue #54 [Content]

Hey all!Time for a change. I plan to distribute the Readings issues on Fridays now. Today's issue inc
Vinish Garg - Issue #54 [Content]
By Vinish Garg • Issue #54
Hey all!
Time for a change. I plan to distribute the Readings issues on Fridays now. Today’s issue includes DITA and agile, DITA and elearning, compliance, customer journey mapping, content and commerce, content audits, and persona template!

Every Page is Page One - Interview with Mark Baker at UAEurope 2017
Here is an interview we carried out with Mark Baker, author of Every Page is Page One. The interview is interspersed with audio snippets from Day 1 of the UAEurope 2017 conference.
10 Reasons Why DITA and Agile are Made for Each Other – DITA Writer
10 Reasons Why DITA and Agile are Made for Each Other - There are many key factors that make DITA-based technical documentation complementary to Agile-based…
Why We Talk to Compliance FIRST
Make good choices when ensuring compliant content.
WhP Experts on DITA and e-learning
Dawn Stevens, Amber Swope and Dominique Trouche share their successes and hopes on using the DITA standard for e-learning content
Using the learningContent DITA topic type
An earlier blog post introduced the DITA Learning and Training specialization. This post gives a more detailed view on the learningContent topic type.
Wells Fargo's CMO on Lifetime Customers, Mountains of Data, Coming Back From a Scandal
At Wells Fargo, content comes down to a tailored experience. As CMO Jamie Moldafsky put it: “If we deliver a great experience, we have a lifetime customer.”
How to Integrate Content and Commerce
Providing great customer experiences requires blending information, design, and operations.
What’s exercising your brain at the moment?
What are you thinking about at the moment? My recent musings are on the usefulness of technical communication skills to other people. 
Learn customer journey mapping – workshops now available
Firehead is now offering workshops in customer journey mapping (CJM) – a very useful skill for content professionals to …
4 Reasons Why You Need to Brand and Position Your Content Team
Whether you’re a content team member or the leader, you must position your content team to work successfully with partners inside and outside your company.
3 steps to prepare for an effective content audit
This is the second of four posts in our content audits made easy series. In the first article, we looked at the 7 reasons why you should audit your content.
We’ve put together a quick instruction sheet and template to help you get started creating your own persona.
If you find this list useful, I will appreciate if you can share it in your network. Let it reach more ‘content’ & ‘business’ people. :)
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