Vinish Garg - Issue #4

HeyThis is for In23Hours Blog subscribers. This is part of the weekly issue with some useful readings
Vinish Garg - Issue #4
By Vinish Garg • Issue #4
This is for In23Hours Blog subscribers. This is part of the weekly issue with some useful readings on startups, customers, products, or stories. It starts today and I will send such an issue every Thursday. Cheers!
Vinish Garg, co-founder @In23Hours (@vingar)

Startups, Products
Friday Q & A: Three Business Ideas You Can Start Today, Starting a Business From Scratch, and Content Marketing In Developing Countries
Every Friday, we’re answering your questions about business, startups, customer success and more.
15 Things I’ve Learned in 15 Months of VC — Adventures in Consumer Technology — Medium
The following list contains 15 things I’ve learned / observed in 15 months of venture. Some of these items aren’t novel,…
Building Your Best Sales Deck Starts Here - First Round Review
A step-by-step walkthrough for startups to build and win with their first sales deck from TalentBin’s Peter Kazanjy.
You keep using that word—“MVP”… | Eric Karjaluoto
I hate the word MVP. (For those less familiar with startup jargon, MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product.) Like many ideas that start out useful, the term…
Lessons from Sixteen Months of Bootstrapping at — Medium
In April 2014, Josh and I started as a side project to help pay the bills and buy some time to finish anothe…
Content, Customers
How to Hire Content Marketers Who Think Like Entrepreneurs
Here’s how to see if your candidates truly have the entrepreneurial mindset to help boost your content marketing. – Content Marketing Institute
Lean content strategy | Scriptorium Publishing
Too often, strategy projects end with waste reduction. After creating a nice automated XML-based process, waste in formatting is eliminated, and we declare victory and go home. Unfortunately, the organization is now producing irrelevant content faster, and the content organization is now positioned as only a cost center. Typically, the next step is that executive management demands additional, ongoing cost reductions rather than looking at possible quality improvements. Eliminating waste cannot be the only priority.
The Age of the Content Manager | Every Page is Page One
When I started my career in tech writing, it was the age of the writer. Tech writers tended to work independently on a single book for months at a time. Better, for many, they not only got to write the book, they got to design it and shepherd it through the publication process. At the end of the process a book arrived from the printer and you got to keep a copy — I still have several. It was, from beginning to end, your work, your product, your book.
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