Vinish Garg - Issue #3

HeyThis is for In23Hours Blog subscribers. This is part of the weekly issue with some useful readings
Vinish Garg - Issue #3
By Vinish Garg • Issue #3
This is for In23Hours Blog subscribers. This is part of the weekly issue with some useful readings on startups, customers, products, or stories. It starts today and I will send such an issue every Thursday. Cheers!
Vinish Garg, co-founder @In23Hours (@vingar)

Startups, Products
The Ultimate Guide To Finding, Reaching, And Interviewing Top Influencers - Foundr
The Definitive Six-Step Process on How To Be Consistently Landing Interviews With Influencers. Check Out The Ultimate Guide by Foundr
Top 10 companies winning at remote work culture and their secrets – CloudPeeps Blog
The global workforce is becoming increasingly remote, working together from all ends of the world. Here are the 10 companies winning at remote work culture.
 What Should The Day of a CEO Look Like? | @DanMartell
If I asked you to pull out your calendar right now, how much white space would I see? Would it look like Eastern Canada in the middle of January? Or… … wou
16 More Startup Metrics | Andreessen Horowitz
A few weeks ago, we shared some key startup metrics (16 of them, to be exact) that help investors gauge the health of a business when investing in it.
How This Startup’s Culture Won It an Awesome C-Suite, Funding and Partnerships - First Round Review
GiveForward’s culture isn’t a party trick. It’s why it’s racking up wins in the crowdfunding space.
How to Know What Advice to Take (And What to Ignore)
It’s easy to get overwhelmed by feedback. Here’s how to filter the advice you get and make better decisions.
Content, Customers
Tech Zen Reveals How He Built Demand-Generation Engine
Discover how to create an elegantly tuned demand-generation engine from someone who’s been there, done that for a B2B company. – Content Marketing Institute
The Content Corner: Harness the Power of User-Generated Content
Let your users create the content that they want to read and reduce your own content creation burden.
Bullseye: The 5 Rings of Content Marketing ROI
At Contently, we think of content’s value as a series of concentric rings, and we track ROI from the inside out.
Metrics that Matter: Going Beyond CSAT and NPS | Irrevo
If you’re behind the Customer Service Operations curtain in any capacity, you’ve got strong feelings about which metrics tell the most comprehensive, actionable story of your customer experience. It’s easy to fall into a routine of looking at only a few of the heavy-hitting metrics, but to get a clear picture of your organization’s performance, it’s important to ask yourself what stories you might be missing out on by overlooking some of the alternatives to perennial favorites like CSAT and NPS.
How Brand Consistency Builds Better Customer Relationships | Fonolo
Consistency can pay off for your brand if you emulate the best practices of companies that have effectively used it to cultivate better customer relationships.
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