Vinish Garg - Issue #21 [Content]

Good Monday morning! Welcome to the next Readings issue on [Content] where have posts and discussions
Vinish Garg - Issue #21 [Content]
By Vinish Garg • Issue #51
Good Monday morning! Welcome to the next Readings issue on [Content] where have posts and discussions on semantic annotations, metadata strategy, docs as code, Git for tech comm, data driven content, and content fact sheet.

Weaving Data Into Texts: The Value of Semantic Annotation
How and why semantic annotation changes the way we read, use and create textual sources.
ThunderBird: A Sample DITA Documentation Set to Play With
ThunderBird: A Sample DITA Documentation Set to Play With - Here’s something I think needs to be more widely known: sample DITA files mimicking a professional manual set for a…
Your content challenge is really a people challenge
I recently asked my online networks a question: What is your biggest content strategy challenge: Goals, findability, consistent voice, ownership, outdated content, or something else?
Your content is not special
You. You over there with the finicky formatting and the inability to use templates and the hours of adjusting graphics when you add a paragraph.
Your Content Needs a Metadata Strategy - Story Needle
Web publishers need a metadata strategy to ensure they can leverage content metadata across different IT systems effectively.
Content Omniverse Fact Sheet
Learn key statistics about content growth and more from our content omniverse fact sheet.
Git and GitHub for Technical Documentation: Reviews
Writers might hesitate to work with others on content deliverables, and developers might feel they have little to contribute to the documentation.
The Language of Technical Communication, ed. Ray Gallon
These chapters in turn are structured into five main sections including Core Concepts, Technical Concepts, Standards and Conventions, Deliverable Presentations, and Future Directions.
Three collaboration tools for technical communicators
Some of these tools integrate with each other, for example, GitHub and Slack. When researching collaboration tools for your teams, you may…
A Better Website Editing Experience with Modular Content Components
The editorial experience is a critical and often overlooked part of website development. A weak editorial experience means slower site updates.
How to Pick the Right Content Type – Aha Media
This ebook will give you valuable tips on how to produce infographics, videos, long-form content, quizzes, social media posts and more.
The Silent Heroes of Today's Data-Driven Content
When we consider the type of content that’s being created and consumed in today’s marketplace, who’s really calling the shots?
Machine learning and units of measurement can affect your content
Google’s voice AI ignored the inch mark. As I was breaking up my broccoli for lunch, I looked on my phone’s screen and confirmed the inch marker…
Limits to the idea of treating docs as code | I'd Rather Be Writing
If there’s been a theme for the past year in tech comm, it’s to tre…
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