Vinish Garg - Issue #20 [Content]

Hey good morning!Welcome to the next Readings issue on [Content]. We have posts on structured CMS, Fu
Vinish Garg - Issue #20 [Content]
By Vinish Garg • Issue #50
Hey good morning!
Welcome to the next Readings issue on [Content]. We have posts on structured CMS, Future of content, WriteTheDocs, Content testing, Localization, metadata, Taxonomies, Findability, and Personalization!

Starting Small with Structured Content Management
Implementing structured content management can be daunting. In this article, I’ll give you some ideas for getting started in small, manageable steps.
The Future of Content is Multimodal - Story Needle
Content ready for the future needs metadata that will allow it to be used for viewing on the screen, in conversational UIs, and by IoT connected appliances
Content Testing: Pros and Cons
Sara Zailskas Walsh recently made a solid case for content testing. Here’s a blurb from her Medium article that summarizes the benefits:
Design 'No Results Found' Pages that Get Results
When the unexpected happens, we’ve got to give the user more than just an apology. We need to give consideration to ‘no results found’ scenarios, and Chris Myhill is here to show us how to do it.
Localization strategy: not just cost minimization
In this podcast, Bill, Alan, and Sarah discuss the localization strategy. Writing good content in the source language is only the beginning.
Why we've launched the Cherryleaf podcast on technical communication
Earlier this month, we started the Cherryleaf podcast, and we’re currently publishing a new episode each week. I thought it might be useful to explain why we’ve done this, instead of publishing videos.
A Visual Approach to Learning Metadata
How to visualize structured data using concept maps.
From research to content tools: Online surveys
Online surveys are ideal for putting numbers behind the content insights you gathered during audience interviews.
Statistics that make your content more findable
Having audited over 3,000 sites using machine learning, we’ve found that consumer search behaviours and ranking factors vary across different industries and countries.
Feel your brand is not ready to personalize your content effectively? That line forms to the left.
Set yourself up to be operationally ready to embrace content personalization.
Caption my caption
I’m glad to say that my cohorts here in Digital are – like me – sticklers for style. Of course we all dress well, but punctuation, grammar, and spelling rules are what we work by.
The Help Files: How to Start a Consulting Business
Ready to give up the daily grind for a glamorous life as an independent consultant? Take a look at the Help Files for some advice on whether, why and how.
Keeping the Edge, Or How I Spent My Spring Vacation is one of a series of blog posts, curated or new here, discussing key takeaways by individuals and STC Communities to Keep the Edge gained at Summit 2017.  •  Share
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