Vinish Garg - Issue #17 [Content]

Good Monday morning! Welcome to the next Readings issue on [Content]. We have posts on API Docs, Wats
Vinish Garg - Issue #17 [Content]
By Vinish Garg • Issue #45
Good Monday morning! Welcome to the next Readings issue on [Content]. We have posts on API Docs, Watson and Cognitive Computing, Message Architecture, Content Testing, Bots and Tech Comm, CMS vs CCMS, and Content Folks at a hackathon!

API documentation is an often overlooked part of making any API a success.
Editing requires many of the same skills as a detective, and uncovering means, motive, and opportunity can assist writers in being more effective.
Organizations can no longer funnel people into convenient pre-sales and post-sales categories, so organizations need to align their content creation efforts
Tourism Saskatchewan was motivated to modernize content practices, and CSI was more than happy to help.
Just as you don’t build a house without a floor plan, you shouldn’t create content without a message architecture.
I’ve been pretty lucky in that each of the three UX design teams I’ve worked on as a content strategist has had a UX researcher shepherding us. 
Conversational interfaces are able to supply basic information for customer queries or give information in accordance with the frequent searches and FAQ.
My colleague Chip Gettinger and I have a long-running online conversation about various intersections between his world of content strategy and mine of software and content globalization. 
My wife recently attended a weekend-long hackathon. I noticed that no one at the competition was a content strategist or content professional. 
Have you heard the term “Cognitive Computing” and wondered what it is, how it works, and how it might affect you?
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