Vinish Garg - Issue #13

Hey, this is my latest weekly reading issue and it has some useful posts on startups, products, conte
Vinish Garg - Issue #13
By Vinish Garg • Issue #13
Hey, this is my latest weekly reading issue and it has some useful posts on startups, products, content, and stories. I hope you find it useful and feel free to share it in your network. Thank you!

Startups, Products
These 4 Questions Will Tell You If You Found the Right Company Culture - Techstars
Susan Zheng is the co-founder and CEO of Planted (NYC ’14), a platform that helps companies hire junior, non-technical talent.
Bad Ways to Set Startup Goals — Medium
How to avoid the most common mistakes startups make.
Seth's Blog: Raising the average
Great organizations are filled with people who are eagerly seeking to recruit people better than they are. Not just employees, but vendors, coaches and even competitors. Most organizations seek to hire, “people like us.” The rationale is that someone too…
9 Ways to Come Up with Your Winning Business Idea | @DanMartell
Are you between companies and struggling to find your next big idea? Or maybe you’ve got an idea but don’t think it’s very good… … or perhaps you’re st
Understanding what makes pivots work isn’t just for startups. Because the ideas that they are built upon, concern: making things, failing, and succeeding.
Making an amazing introduction via email (via John Exley) — Medium
John Exley takes relationships seriously. We have been friends for a number of years and after his latest email intro I wanted to share how…
The Next Big Shift in SaaS
Tomasz Tunguz is a venture capitalist at Redpoint and writes about startups, fund raising, SaaS companies, and best practices for founders.
Why Automation is the Future of Content Creation
A machine-based approach to content creation is the only way to meet your audience’s ever-changing content needs – Content Marketing Institute
Delivering Consistent Content Experiences Across Digital Touchpoints - The Content Wrangler
Hilee Avrahami of Zoomin Software explores why delivering consistent content experiences across all digital touchpoints is critical to business success.
4 Content Checklists to Take Your Content Strategy to the Next Level - Content Science Review
Content Science created these 4 in-depth content checklists to provide thought-provoking exercises to quickly assess your most pressing content challenges.
Thoughts on "Transforming Documentation Processes" presentation at WTD: Evaluating the trend to treat documentation as code | I'd Rather Be Writing
At the last Write the Docs conference, Riona Macnamara, a tech writer working on internal developer documentation at Google, moderated a panel about transfor…
An agile STC? | Leading Technical Communication
How well does the Society for Technical Communication (STC) provide value for its members? For others who are studying or working in tech comm? We had a lively conversation a few weeks ago on this blog. I’d like to move that conversation forward. Today’s news stream brings an article by an Australian technical writer, Swapnil…
Prioritizing with Dual-Axis Card Sorts | Lullabot
Balancing business needs against audience goals is never easy, but simple tools can make a big difference.
What is Information Architecture & How Do I Do It? | Forum One
“Forum One was able to very quickly learn our code base and work to refine a clumsy interface into something beautiful, intuitive, and functional.”
Is Developing and Executing Your Content Strategy a Challenge? Yeah, We Feel You. | Acrolinx
Developing and executing a successful content strategy isn’t easy. We know firsthand and, if you’re a content person, then you probably do too. But here’s the thing: Most of us are in the same boat. We hit home runs with our content one week and then have misses the next. We think our strategy is dead on today only to decide we need to make major adjustments to it tomorrow. The fact is that we’re all grappling with similar challenges and doing our best to try to build our brands and create better experiences for our customers.
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