Vinish Garg - Issue #10 [Nutrition and Content]

Good Monday morning! Today's issue on content readings bring a rich variety of posts - a good nutriti
Vinish Garg - Issue #10 [Nutrition and Content]
By Vinish Garg • Issue #31
Good Monday morning! Today’s issue on content readings bring a rich variety of posts - a good nutrition for our curious minds. I will be so happy if you share this issue in your online community. Let nutrition reach the people who are not subscribed to these readings. :)

Current Distribution of Worldwide DITA Users
Current Distribution of Worldwide DITA Users, Blog Piece by Keith Schengili-Roberts, IXIASOFT DITA Specialist
How Symantec Embedded a Tech Writer on a Developer Team
In this case study on, Jennifer Rondeau shares her story of gaining the trust of her developer coworkers so that she could edit code comments
Spotlight on Write the Docs software documentation community
Write the Docs strives (and we think succeeds!) to be ‘the most welcoming internet community’. It is focused on the art and science of writing documentation.
Tekom OpenLab 2017 is where techcomm enthusiasts meet to discuss the industry’s hottest topics. I’ve summarized the most useful insights here.
The Challenges Facing Tomorrow’s Marketer: 3 Biggest Themes From Intelligent Content Conference
What a brain-tingling few days of sessions and hallway chats we had at last week’s Intelligent Content Conference, my sixth ICC in a row.
Raiders of the Lost Content: Silo-busting Adventures in the Corporate Jungle – Content Science Review
IBM shares how to break down content silos at an enterprise by aligning teams on a shared understanding of content and building a true content strategy.
Pre- and Post- Brexit procedures examples
Below are two proof of concept examples of a policy document.
How to Avoid Technical Debt with Metadata Standards
Developers I know grumble about something referred to as technical debt.
Future of Content Goes Beyond Storytelling (AI, Attributes & Engineers)
Insights from Intelligent Content Conference discuss how AI, bots and more will complement the storytelling at the heart of great content marketing.
Create a Consistent Content Architecture
Understand your audience and how they’ll use and interact with content for an optimum content architecture.
Adobe TCS 2017 Content Tools & the Customer Experience: A Fast 5 Interview with Stefan Gentz
Connie Giordano recaps the TechWhirl Fast 5 interview with Stefan Gentz, Global Evangelist for Adobe Technical Communications Suite, on the 2017 release.
Highlights of FrameMaker 2017: Ease of Use, Dynamic Output, and Productivity Enhancements | Saiff Solutions
The 2017 release of Adobe FrameMaker includes big improvements in the user interface and a list of various productivity and publishing enhancements.
Serialization and Digital Storytelling: What Victorian-Era Publishing Teaches Us About Generating Leads
Revitalizing your content strategy may be as simple as adding an old publishing trick to your digital storytelling.
How to Use Content to Engage Millennials – According to a Millennial
Millennial influencer Hussain Manawer on how to use content to engage millennials – and, crucially, how to build, land, and retain trust with them.
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