Vinish Garg - Issue #1

It has been a long time since I last sent an email to this list. In the past, you may have seen my em
Vinish Garg - Issue #1
By Vinish Garg • Issue #16
It has been a long time since I last sent an email to this list. In the past, you may have seen my emails on content, startups, or on products in general. If you do not want to hear from me again, hit the unsubscribe button at the and of this email and you will stop seeing my emails. 😊
All others, thanks for sticking around. I will ensure that my emails are relevant and exciting for your work. See my last email to this list to reconnect with the kind of stuff I had been sharing in the past. 🙏
In my emails, I plan to share two different lists of readings:
  • Content (architecture, strategy, experiences, technology)
  • Products (startups, founders)

Content Conversations Resume Today
I had run a series of content conversations in 2015 (later ported to this Medium publication). I resume the series now and you will see the first post in the series, later today.
Readings: Content
Colleen Jones introduces content roles that will equip your enterprise with the content capacity necessary to evolve into a thriving digital business.
Recently, a set of presentations for website designs were made to senior management at a large organization.
The concept of a brand persona is not new yet it is incredibly, bafflingly underused by marketers. Creating a marketing campaign is much like writing a novel - storytelling is key.
We were one month into a university content project, when, during a weekly call with a remote client, I heard the words every content strategist dreads: “I’m just not sure how long the approval process is going to take.”
Many companies need to refocus on identity to attract an audience that shares its core values – Content Marketing Institute
Tree testing and its related research activity, the card sort, are often the first research lines of defense for content strategists. 
“To be successful, a solution to both Metadata Management and Data Governance should be integrated,” said Christian Bremeau, CEO and President of Meta Integration Technology. “Metadata Management starts by supporting virtually any tools that your IT is using.” 
Information Development World is an annual three-day content conference designed to prepare you for the coming artificial intelligence revolution.
Readings: Startups
If so, what actually is a growth team? Why are so many other growth teams obsessed with micro-optimizations and tactics? How do we take a step back and think
Perhaps the most familiar cautionary tale in Silicon Valley features the startup who, while emboldened by a promising vision, never nails its product-market fit.
Tomasz Tunguz is a venture capitalist at Redpoint and writes about startups, fund raising, SaaS companies, and best practices for founders.
An elementary school teacher of mine once assigned us an exercise that seemed simple on the surface, but turned out to be surprisingly complex. 
The following is based on a sort of “internal guide” that I frequently share with portfolio companies I am involved with. 
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