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Average work annoys everyone

Good Monday Morning!Let us recall a few instances when we are not happy about little things in life:t
Average work annoys everyone
By Vinish Garg • Issue #57 • View online
Good Monday Morning!
Let us recall a few instances when we are not happy about little things in life:
  • the online reservation steps are too complex
  • I cannot find an option to invite a friend
  • the amount is not adjusted in the next billing cycle
  • I shortlisted a few plants, these just disappeared
We tend to be upset at bad customer experience (CX) because we have paid (directly or via taxes) for something. And it annoys us.

As technology practitioners, we can reduce this annoyance around us. We can help others enjoy a good CX by designing products that the customers love to use.

When we work on some mock up, interaction design, or content piece, we need to keep it in mind that an average effort now may come back to chase us. We all are subject to the ‘law of averages’ and a moderate effort by us means that we are entitled to an average result.
Let us raise the bar to reduce the annoyance around us. Better products means more satisfaction around, more happiness, more joy and laughter, and we cannot stay untouched by it. Try it.

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