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No new stitches yet!

Vince Prytherch
Vince Prytherch
It’s been 4 days since the stitches came out and all looks good so far :)

Hi bud,
Yesterday was such a nice day, we all spent the afternoon in the back yard which we haven’t been able to do for a while because of your cut.
JJ and you played with toys and Kaitlynn did her own little thing.
JJ on a slide, KT under the slide and Riggs smiling
JJ on a slide, KT under the slide and Riggs smiling
We were all so happy as it felt like our little family was back together. Your mam and I were still a bit nervous when you ran around but it looks like that’s not warranted. Still going to take it slowly but plan is to go for a short run on Wednesday-ish.
We’ll have to take it slow and build up your fitness before we get back to sport but I can’t wait :)
Hope you have a good day (I just looked over and you’re snoozing pretty nicely so your day looks ok so far).
Talk soon.
Love you,
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Vince Prytherch
Vince Prytherch

I write letters to my dog here. You can be copied in if you want to. Note that he never answers.

(I talk about Mathematics and Software on twitter: @drvinceknight.)

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