Letters to my dog

By Vince Prytherch

Getting you used to a life jacket

Letters to my dog




Vince Prytherch
Vince Prytherch
So we are going on a boat trip…

Hi Bud,
In a few weeks time we are going on a 1 week canal boat trip. It’s going to be you, KT, JJ, your mam and I.
We are all really looking forward to it and I am going to do everything I can to make sure you enjoy it too (in other words: we’re taking your frisbee bag 🙄).
I’m not entirely sure if we will need it but we picked you up a dog life jacket (here’s a blog post with some reasons why dogs might need a life jacket: https://cooldog.uk/life-jackets/).
You and I have been spending some time getting you used to it. Here is a picture of you doing your evening stretches with it on:
Anyway, that’s just a small explanation as to why you’ll be wearing it even more over the next couple of weeks. It will just continue to be that thing I get out, you wag your tail and offer to put it on and then we do fun stuff. Hopefully it will never be something that is actually needed.
Love you bud,
P.S. You have been really awesome the past few weeks. We have been on a bunch of cool adventures and you have been the perfect dog. Thank you.
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Vince Prytherch
Vince Prytherch

I write letters to my dog here. You can be copied in if you want to. Note that he never answers.

(I talk about Mathematics and Software on twitter: @drvinceknight.)

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