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Being a good dog to our kids

Vince Prytherch
Vince Prytherch
This week you continue to be so good with JJ and KT

Hi bud,
Want to write to let you know I’m so proud of you.
When JJ came back from the hospital 2 and half years ago you happily gave him a smell and then were just mainly happy to see your mam and I but you did understand he was something important.
We’re not talking the type of thing you see in movies where you and him immediately bonded and were best friends forever. No but you’ve always been great with him.
It’s wonderful now, JJ loves saying: “Goooood dog” and giving you a stroke and I know how much you love it when he throws your toys for you.
You’re also being amazing with KT.
On Wednesday we got a new soft mat for the floor for her, I put her down and you just came and settled down next to her.
Riggs lying next to Kaitlynn
Riggs lying next to Kaitlynn
So yeah pup, this email is just to say thank you for being great with your brother and sister.
We will keep watching closely to make sure you’re never put in a position to fail and I promise that once she’s a bit older, just like JJ she will find a way to interact with you (probably throw your toys).
Good dog.
Love you,
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Vince Prytherch
Vince Prytherch

I write letters to my dog here. You can be copied in if you want to. Note that he never answers.

(I talk about Mathematics and Software on twitter: @drvinceknight.)

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