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Mouthpiece #68


Vibha Sharma

January 5 · Issue #68 · View online

Weekly digest of Vibha Sharma

Grateful to be back…

Grateful to be back...
I have been very irregular with my newsletter in 2018 and regularity is one thing that I had seriously committed to (to myself) when I began writing my mouthpiece every fortnight. I think I had become a part of a nice rhythm when the mind would start working on the idea for the upcoming mouthpiece and a week prior to posting it, I would start composing my thoughts into something coherent. After many months of having left it, I was going through some of the pieces last week and I could actually go back to the state in which those were written. I could still feel the pleasure I derived while writing some. Though a long time has passed since I last posted anything on this platform, I would like to resume this routine once again while reverently bowing down to the uncertainties in life.
It is winter at its peak these days. Bone chilling winds, grey skies and shorter days seem to cast a spell even on a person’s spirits. Having said that, what is it that a bright sun cannot melt - whether it is frozen hearts or solidified coconut oil for a good head massage? I simply love the whole package that winters bring with them. Paying a small tribute to the dear Sun here..
और एक करवट ली है दिल की तमन्नओं ने…
दीवार पर चढ़ती हुई धूप को खींच लें
पास बुला बिठा लें कुछ और पलों के लिए
कुछ सुनें उनकी ख़ामोशियों की कहानी
सुनाएँ कुछ अपने मन की चुप्पी का हाल |
और एक करवट ली है दिल की तमन्नओं ने…
चमकती घूप की चादर का एक सिरा पकड़ कर
ओढ़ा दें बर्फ़ीली हवाओं को उनकी गर्माहट
कि छू न पाए उन हवाओं को उन्हीं कि सर्दी
दूर हो जाए उनके मन कि उदासी और एकाकीपन |
और एक करवट ली है दिल की तमन्नओं ने…
कुछ देर ही सही उधार में ही क्यों न भले
किरणों से रंगे गेंदे के फूलों के रंगों को 
बिखेर दें पूरे आँगन में न मिटने के लिए
या फिर रंग जाएँ उन्हीं शोख रंगों के रंग |
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