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Mouthpiece #47


Vibha Sharma

March 11 · Issue #47 · View online
Weekly digest of Vibha Sharma

To you, with love and reverence...
I am a fiercely emotional person, erring on the side of being temperamental many times. While we all aim to bring in that elusive tranquility in our disposition, yet, I feel, experiencing the waves of emotions is equally important to live every moment to the fullest. I have likes, dislikes, passions and aversions and feel no qualms expressing them whenever emotions get the better of me.
I have been a ‘lists’ and a ‘time-table’ person ever since I remember. Going back a few decades, I was a serious student who studied hard all through an academic year. I abstained from anything entertaining, especially during the exam time so as to avoid even an iota of distraction. In my mind, I gave due respect to exams and actually felt good about that. Having said that, I did try to preserve my right to relax and enjoy the post-exams evening and the following day the way I wanted to. I can so vividly remember my mood after semester exams during college period. Boarding the first bus to home after the last exam, buying a book of my choice to read and spending the next couple of days completely immersed in that book remained the highlights of those special days. With time, a few things evolved and as I experienced a little more of the outside world, I started recognising the things that give me inner joy and happiness. To mark relaxation and lightening of burden of any kind whatsoever, I often long to be in a wide expanse of verdure where nothing but nature’s magic is visible far and wide. When I picture this in mind, I see something similar to what is picturized in one of the songs of a Hindi movie मौसम (mausam) - छड़ी रे छड़ी… (Chadi re chadi…) . That landscape is one which comes the closest to my idea of being ‘picture perfect’. Snow-capped mountains in the fuzzy backdrop, green blanket wearing hills, tall deodar trees giving an illusion as if they are holding the large stretched firmament with their branches and spiritedly gushing and rushing pristine river water making its way through big and small rocks - all these elements are part of that ultimate picture of my dreams - oh it is just beyond any comparison.
To you nature, my first and the most steady love ever…
रे मन चल उस परमक दृश्य की ओर
चित्रांकित है जहाँ एक अनुपम भोर

वो गगनचुम्बी शक्तिपीठ व शिवालय
वो भव्य मंदिर और गुरु के द्वारे
वो गिरिजे और मस्जिदें मज़ारें
सभी इंसान की कल्पना से सीमित
देते नहीं मुझे कोई ठौर अपरिमित

रे मन चल उस परमक दृश्य की ओर
चित्रांकित है जहाँ एक अनुपम भोर

क्या देखूँ उन दुर्गों मीनारों को
कैसे सराहूँ विलक्षण इमारतों को
कैसे सहेजूँ मन में इन बुतों को
बंधे हैं सब नश्वर कल्पित सोच से
निर्मित हैं दो करों की मित शक्ति से

रे मन चल उस परमक दृश्य की ओर
चित्रांकित है जहाँ एक अनुपम भोर

ये संगीत पे थिरकते फव्वारे
नृत्य इन रंगीन रोशनियों के
नहीं छेड़ पाते साज़ कोई दिल के
भाता है बस उसी रिमझिम का गीत
रहता है जो मेरा बन के मनमीत

रे मन चल उस परमक दृश्य की ओर
चित्रांकित है जहाँ एक अनुपम भोर

चल मन कल-कल बहती नदी की ओर
मदमस्त झूमती शाखाओं की ओर
खुली-खुली खुशनुमा फ़िज़ाओं की ओर
देखूँ उस चित्रकार की कूची के रंग
आज फिर भीगूँ उन्हीं रंगों के रंग

रे मन चल उस परमक दृश्य की ओर
चित्रांकित है जहाँ एक अनुपम भोर
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